Check out a sample skills assessment template that you can use to assess the employee skills of your staff effectively.

Employee skills assessment template

Assessing skills is a primary duty in organizations. It is essential to take the inventory of the skills you have in the organizations to enable you to determine if you will require recruitment soon and the skills you will be sourcing. Additionally, it allows the organization to plan for skill development among the existing employees. Furthermore, the assessment results can encourage the employees to improve various skills.  Using employee skills assessment template that is readily available online is beneficial since it is systematic. Below is an example of the template:

Contents of a skills assessment template

Employee details

The first part of any employee skill assessment template constitutes personal details. Here you should include all the elements that pertain to the identity of the employee including their name, position and department, and any other aspect that you deem necessary.

Skills Criterion

This is the most important section of the template.  It should comprise of all the skills that you are planning to evaluate. They can include but not limited to communication, team building, problem-solving, leadership, customer care, adaptability, overall performance, job knowledge, and others. Remember to pick the skills that relate to your business or the very aspect that you intend to measure. For example, you might combine a number of skills that relate to a particular competency required for optimal delivery of services by the employees in the organization.

Rating scales

Once you have identified all the skills that you will be assessing using the template, you need to outline the rating scales for the skills.  Mostly, skill assessment templates utilize the rating scales of 1 to 5. For instance, some ratings start from excellent to unsatisfactory.

An example of employee skills assessment template

Name: […] Position: […]

Department: […] Date: […]

Rating Scales Description

  • Exceptional
  • Excellent
  • Competent
  • Meets expectations occasionally
  • Unsatisfactory


Skills Categories

Needs and strengths assessment   

Identifies resources and capacities […]

Notes problems and stressors in the working environment […]

Conducts regular assessment […]

Detects errors before they escalate […]

Helps in identifying individual personalities, goals, and values […]

Service delivery

Ensures customer satisfaction […]

Goes beyond their responsibilities to satisfy the customers […]

Explains things to customers when serving them […]

Follows up on their clients […]

Seek assistance from other co-workers and superiors when responding to particular customers’ issues […]

Planning abilities

Creates functional and practical plans for the department […]

Contributes actively to planning activities […]

Sets measurable expectations for the department /team […]

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