Evaluations are done to assess the performance of employees. The process involves filing forms with evaluation phrases denoting how the staff has performed for a particular duration. One of the challenges managers face during the evaluation is in finding the correct phrases to describe the performance of an employee. It may prove tricky trying to determine the best phrases to use to critic an employee while also trying not to be taken wrongly.

Efficient use of employee evaluation phrases can build a good working relationship with the employees while ensuring that they improve on their shortcomings. This means that the manager should provide constructive criticism to the staff by using the right appraisal phrases.

When performing an evaluation, it is important to choose the phrases carefully so that they can have the best impact. Managers have the role of shaping employees? work development and therefore they should use the right words to give praise and criticism in equal measures. Praise helps to reinforce the good behavior while criticism is for the employee to know the areas that need improving.

how to use evaluation phrases

Evaluation phrases are used to assess employee performance in various categories. These are:

Performance in attendance and punctuality. Employees are supposed to be punctual in their work schedule from when they report to work, when they attend meetings, return from lunch break and when they leave. Evaluation phrases in this category should focus on issues related to attendance. For instance, the phrase ?Jim has great attention to punctuality and reports to work on time? can be used for an employee who keeps time.

Attitude evaluation. The right attitude is important in the workplace for adequate performance. Employees are assessed on their attitude towards other employees, customers, their job and the managers based on how they express themselves and their reaction to adverse situations. Communication evaluation. The assessment is based on how an employee communicates with clients and co-workers. The evaluation phrases are used to denote how an employee communicates and if it is effective. Other areas where evaluation phrases are used are in evaluating the employee?s creativity, interpersonal skills, customer satisfaction, cooperation, dependability, teamwork and technical skills.

Samples of evaluation phrases

Positive appraisal for punctuality: Peter comes in early and is punctual in all his schedules. Negative phrase: John is always behind schedule and leaves early in most days.


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