Companies like conducting surveys of how work is being carried out in different departments. A review activity is designed to hear the opinion of the employees in various official matters. Before the onset of the survey, a lot of preparation takes place to ensure every information is passed on promptly to reach every employee, so they know what to expect of them. Once the survey talks place and the results are in, the next step is to turn the received info into an action plan that will steer the company forward.

The survey action plan

  • Even as you think about the company's action plan, as you look through the review for each employee, identify the highlighted company's strength and its opportunities to become better.
  • These two are key even as you prepare to take the action plan there are several steps to take, they are:
  • As soon as the results are out, communicate to the employees – Your staff having responded well to the survey, the best you can do is to return the favor by communicating the outcome.
  • Much work is needed to interpret all the issues from the survey, but it would be ideal to pick one or two areas and share the feedback plus the way forward.
  • Select a few people to lead an initiative – With the company management always busy with more important matters, it is important to appoint a few people to lead the initiative to interpret the results and feed the employees with a speedy response.
  • Allow the employees to participate – Though you have selected a committee to oversee the results, choose some employees to take an active role of being heir representative.
  • Select a few areas of interest – With survey complete, the amount of data the management will have to digest is overwhelming. In this case, pick two or three issues that are highly relevant and focus on them first. If there will be enough time, you can still go back to the rest of the issues and discuss them.
  • Appreciate the positive remarks too – while sometimes we may focus on the negative too much, it is important to concentrate on the positive comments and recognize those areas that you are doing great as a company. These are some of the small things that build your employees esteem as they pride themselves in them.
  • Talk about the action plan with your employees – Having recognized areas that you ought to work on and the steps on how to work on them, it is important to let your employees know of the way forward and keep updating them as often as possible.

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