Understand the critical accomplishments to consider in performance review to inspire your employees

Performance review: 15 Key accomplishments to consider

In a normal organization, managers always evaluate the working process of the employees. This evaluation tells if the employees are making a profit or loss for the company. For an employee to be evaluated, there are some areas that affect how well they perform. Some of these areas are quite tangible like punctuality and submission while others are intangible like the ability to learn and attitude. When employers evaluate their employees, they evaluate on some of the most critical areas that determine their job performance.

Key accomplishments to consider while evaluating employee's performance

  • Attendance and punctuality - Punctuality is as important as attendance and should be reviewed to determine how well they manage their time.
  • Adherence to company policies - The ability to follow or break the company rules consistently is reviewed to reveal how well the company procedures are followed.
  • Communication skills - It applies to both written and verbal skills that are majorly used in the workplace.
  • Attitude - It typically reveals how a person talks to others, how well she accepts criticism and any other similar behaviors.
  • Customer service - Both in person and on the phone these services are crucial in any workplace; they either make or break the communication process.
  • Cooperation and Teamwork - The ability to work well with others and share responsibility are evaluated to determine how well the employee cooperates.
  • Initiative - Determines how well the employee demonstrates the desire to learn, meet new challenges and accomplish new tasks.
  • Human relations - To determine the ability of the employee's interaction with both new and old co-workers.
  • Effectiveness and productivity - Determines if the amount, accuracy, and quality of work done are sufficient.
  • Kindness and courtesy - Determines how well the employee deals with everyone around them in a normal circumstance.
  • Job knowledge - To ascertain how well the employee understands their job description and their willingness to learn new skills as required.
  • Personal hygiene and neatness - It is an important aspect in how the employees carry themselves in a dignified manner.
  • Reliability - To determine their reliability in completing assignments within the set deadlines.
  • Willingness to accept feedback or criticism - To determine if the employee is willing to accept any feedback or criticism from a co-worker or a manager. An employee's true attitude is often displayed during such times.
  • Self-management - To determine how well the employee manages their own time and how well they avoid distractions.

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