Check out these feedback question to ask the client and apply them to enhance the relationship with the customer.

Top 32 Feedback Questions to Ask Clients

Sometimes asking feedback question from a client can be difficult. You want to balance the customer feedback. Yes, you may want the employee to get answers, but at the same time, you don’t want to frustrate the employees or give up your feedback survey. Getting feedback from your customers is an efficient way to know how to market your services and product. If asking feedback from your client is something rare in your organization, do it and see how it differentiate you with your current competitors. Getting an insight of your customers will assist in making the happy and build a good relationship.

Here are the feedback questions to ask clients to maintain a long term relationship.

Customer satisfaction

  • For how long have you used our product and services?
  • Are you our frequent customer?
  • How likely are you to continue doing business with us?
  • Are you satisfied with your membership?
  • What product or services does not interest you?

Product questions

  • What products can we improve?
  • Can you recommend the product to others?
  • How did you hear about our services?
  • Is there any problem you identified with our product?
  • Do you think you should improve the pricing of our products?

Services questions

  • Were the services offered to you what you expected?
  • Are you satisfied with the method of service delivery?
  • Are the services delivered to you worth the price?
  • What services did you choose from us?
  • Which areas did we deliver according to your expectation?

Customer services

  • Are you satisfied with our customer support?
  • Are all your complaints and issues dealt with by the client's team?
  • Did the service desk conduct follow-up call to make sure your problem was resolved?
  • How can you rate our customer service experience?
  • How long did you wait before the customer service responding to your call?
  • Do you have any suggestion that you think will improve our customer service?

Overall business questions

  • How rate your overall satisfaction?
  • Can you recommend us to your friends and relatives?
  • Do you have any suggestion to improve our services and products?
  • Who can we learn from?
  • What areas can we improve?
  • Why did you choose our services?

Competition services

  • What makes unique from other competing websites?
  • Is our product/services comparable to other company services?
  • Any comment on the price compared to other competing firms with the same product?
  • Do you think our product/services are better or worse compared to other competitive companies?
  • What do you believe that we should do to better your experience with the company?

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