As a manager, one of the essential aspect you should focus on when evaluating an employee is the ability, skills and the job knowledge that employee demonstrates. For you to evaluate employee based on these standards, you have to know deep about the employee roles, understand the expectation of the employee position and also the expected outcomes. Here are some examples of employee evaluation comments on job knowledge

Skills and expertise

  • Appreciate training that better his productivity.
  • Possess superior job skills and utilize them in any assignment.
  • Skillful and his abilities have an impact on the company.
  • Take opportunities that better his work productivity.
  • Share and help other learn essential job skills.

Company policy

  • Has full understanding of the business policies
  • Excellent in promoting the organization values
  • Turn the team goals to the actual plan.
  • Exceed the requirements when executing the company's goal.
  • Able to turn the organization goals to executable plans

Level of performance

  • High level of productivity.
  • Outstanding in meeting the company's requirements
  • Continuously exceed the expectation.
  • His contribution has a great impact on organization success.
  • Average in meeting the business goals


  • Relate well with his colleagues
  • His interaction with fellow employees is excellent.
  • Offer a helping hand to fellow employees seeking his assistance.
  • Employees are free, and they can depend on him.
  • Flexible and adapt to changes actually at the workplace.

Problem solving

  • Very useful in solving problems
  • Identifies the signs of a problem before they develop.
  • Opportunistic and turn a problem into a profitable opportunity.
  • Skilled in proposing solution to a problem
  • Demonstrate excellent analytical skills

Customer service

  • Employee sounds knowledgeable and courteous to clients.
  • Always have a helpful and accurate answer.
  • The organization gets numerous recommendation on employee job skills.
  • Maintain professionalism while dealing with clients.
  • Consistent with quality skills to the customers.

Technical expertise and information

  • Truly an expert in his line of work.
  • Follow up for skills and knowledge for a job.
  • His answers are respected and carry a great deal weight.
  • Relate and can discuss any technical issue with the fellow employee of any level.
  • Welcome, ideas related to his field.

Resources utilisation

  • Quick to learn how to deploy new software
  • Take good care of his work equipment.
  • Complete the tasks given to him timely and accurately using requires software.
  • Complete and conduct researches to better his performance.
  • Outstanding and solving and troubleshooting a problem at the workplace.

Project planning

  • Able to capitalize most out of scarce resources.
  • Anticipate problems before they develop.
  • Implement the project and make meaningful decisions.
  • Transparent and always share the projects progress
  • Establishes executable plans

Performance plans

  • Work with fellow workmate in planning executable plans
  • Always proactive during performance evaluation
  • Set concrete and well-calculated plans.
  • Strictly adhere to the schedule.
  • Utilizes the department software and programs to review performance.

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