Utilize a self-evaluation form before conducting a performance review

Employee self evaluation form example

Self-appraisal is a great tool that will strengthen and improve your workforce by creating an accuracy and an improved understanding of the demands of the organization. This form contains written review of an individual's performance. It is specifically designed to allow constructive discussion between the employee and the manager to get to know how the employee has been fairing on. The self-appraisal prepares the employee performance review study. This self-appraisal sets the pace for the performance discussions to be held between the employer and the worker.

An example of a self-evaluation form.

Self-evaluation form
Performance review period: [...]
Employee name [...] Date [...]
Job Title [...] Office [...]
Supervisor's name [...]

Employee instructions

  • Your thorough and timely participation in this appraisal process will help us have a fair and precise review of your progress in your workplace. It will also bring us to speed on your accomplishments and progress since the last report.
  • Be sure to complete this self-evaluation and return to your supervisor in three day's time.
  • Supervisor's completed performance reports are to be attached to the self-assessments and submitted to the HR.

Self-assessment questions

  1. Do you understand your job requirements well enough to implement them? Yes [...] No [...]
  2. Describe your job position and explain what expectations and outcomes are expected from you.
  3. Write down the expectations of this review period and assess how well you have performed in each of them. You can add a separate sheet if this space provided is not enough.
  4. What challenges in duties and priorities have you faced during the review process and how did you handle them?
  5. Have you handled any projects that are not your responsibility? What results did you achieve?
  6. What are your strengths and how well do you put them to use in your job?
  7. What are your weaknesses and how do they affect your work?
  8. Are there any changes that you suggested or implemented that led to your success in your current position? If any name them and describe how they helped you succeed.
  9. What actions have you taken this year to ensure you have a better understanding of the organization and your department?
  10. What do you think would help enhance your performance?
  11. Share your expectations for the coming evaluation period?
  12. Describe the goals set out to accomplish in the coming year?
  13. What would you have liked to accomplish this year but you did not?
  14. Please rate your overall performance for this review period?

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