Find out unique ways to reward your special employees by reading our Employee 10 Year Anniversary Gifts ideas.

Top 28 Employee 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Employee anniversary is a celebration that need not be forgotten. It deserves recognition as employees are the heart of every organization. The employee requires celebrations for their achievement hence a once in a lifetime ten years anniversary should be part of corporate culture. The celebrations of how the employee observe the in the special day depend on the company culture and the budget.Employee 10 Year Anniversary Gifts should recognize employees past accomplishment.

The employee, ten year anniversary, shows that you appreciate the work delivered by your staff. It, however, gives them a sense of belonging as they feel valued within the organization. 10 Year Anniversaries is a way to indicate that the employee has been around for a while and you expect him to stay for many years to come. Here are some employee ten year anniversary gifts.


  • Bake a cake-offer your employees a special cake to commemorate the ten year anniversary
  • Lunch-get them a catered lunch
  • Pizza party- break up the routine and has pizza
  • Movies- break the boredom and pay off their movie tickets
  • Tour- appreciate them by taking them out for adventure
  • Music- let the employees choose music for their anniversary and let them dance off to it


  • Thank you note- write a note to recognize and appreciate your employees
  • Trophy- offer a reward to the employee of the year
  • Promotion- offer promotions where necessary to the employee who deserves it
  • Publicity- let it go public the best employee in the ten years
  • Magazine- feature all the staff in the magazine for the ten year anniversary
  • Make it formal- give the employees a certificate for working in the organization for the ten years
  • Training- invest on the employees training to enhance their skills and abilities


  • Vouchers- give them shopping vouchers to remember the anniversary
  • Bonus- offer some rewards to mark the day
  • Compensation- for the work well done give a raise on their salaries
  • Benefits- Increase the benefit provided by the organization in the ten years
  • Incentives- Reward them appropriately

Working condition

  • Furniture- equip the room with modern furniture
  • Flexible hours-encourage them to work when they want to
  • Flowers-add some life by putting a desk plant
  • Calendar- set a timetable which will add a little fun to the days of the week
  • Stock the office- share it with new modern stationery


  • Name the room- call the position with their corresponsive names
  • Thank you video- post it on youtube and share it
  • Sticky note- fix a sticky note on the employees’ computer for acknowledgment
  • Wall of fame- post pictures of employees and write what you recognize them for
  • Time- spend your time with the employees and let them know how much you are grateful

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