As a part of ongoing activities, the HR manager of an organization needs to have an onboarding and offboarding checklist. When an employee leaves or joins a team, the checklist will be a useful tool to ensure that the organization legal requirements are not in any way conflicted and run smoothly. As a professional in any organization, onboarding, and offboarding checklists are essential to ensure a smooth transition of employees without interfering with the firm activities. They outline the steps that an HR/ supervisor should follow.The checklist can be freely be downloaded or prepared by the employee to meet the firm needs. 

The setup of the checklists

The onboarding and offboarding checklist in an organization have the same layout, except that they work vise versal. To effectively use the onboarding and offboarding checklist, you need to pinpoint the various steps you are to follow for each category.

To welcome or let go an employee, few rules need to be followed as a sign of respect to the employee

  • Communicate with the employee: as an HR of the firm you need to communicate proactively with the employee and let him handle you the resignation or transfer letter. Turndown or accept any voluntary or involuntary employee. 
  • Set a meeting with the team: during the meeting point out the employee's overtime payment, retirement benefits, promotion possibilities, the retirement plans. 
  • Intiate onboarding or offboarding logistic process: the checklist should contain the arrival or the departure time for the employee to alert the principal departments. Other processes such as signing should begin. 
  • Create a plan: set up few transition plan and communicate with the team and any relevant stakeholder. Also at this level provide the employees with the relevant links and instruction required to complete the checklist. Collaborate with the onboarding or offboarding employee of current contracts, external or internal contacts, and other essential details.  
  • Get the documents: enquire any referencing documentation that at least shows evidence of employment. For exiting employees finalize and sign the documentation. 
  • Manage details: remove and add any personal information of the employee. The offboarding and onboarding checklists should provide reliable details for future correspondence. 
  • Review: recheck the checklist to ensure that the all the task in the systems is fully completed. 
  • By following the checklists, you provide the firm to have a smooth transition and no interference with the companies activities. The organizations should not only focus on providing a checklist for the onboarding employee but also the offboarding employees. 

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