When writing an employee performance review letter, there is no required format required. The manager has an option to choose a format that suits his/her communication styles, leadership style and the culture of the organization. Some manager refers to attach the employee review performance letter with the evaluation form while other just opt to include areas of improvement required.

Steps on how to write a review letter.

Organisation policy

When starting the performance review letter, it is advisable to use a boilerplate language that describes the reason for conducting the performance review. An organization policy is the referencing.

General procedure

Evaluate the general quality of the work and give comments on the overall service of the employee. Highlight the areas you wish to review in your evaluation and give public comment on the progress.

Provide a recommendation

While concluding the letter, provide a sample and give general advice and opinion regarding the employee evaluation review.

When writing the employee performance review letter you should pay attention to:

Specificity of the review: the objective of the study should not emphasize on the negative points in the assessment but should also indicate the specific positive actions of the employee and successes.

Clarity: for any critics or recommendation on the employee performance, support it with a reasoning.

Be concise: when writing the paper be polite, professional and straight to the point. Highlight the areas for improvement and recognize the achievements.

Employee performance reviews letter sample

Organisation name/ title

Employees' first name


Mobile phone

Dear Xy

As we had discussed in your early performance evaluation on the Improvement of your organization skills, it is apparent that you have continued to meet and even exceed the expectations. You have made a tremendous improvement, and your achievements and contributions have significantly impacted on your team performance.

We write this letter to appreciate more so on the outstanding performance on the project Xyz. You showed good organization and management skills, and I highly appreciate your contribution.  We recognize your perseverance and commitment in achieving the projects through the tough times.

However, you communications strategies and channels are still weak, and you should consider adopting strategies that will help you improve. 

Thank you¸ Xy for being part of our dedicated employees and for your efforts in increase the productivity of the firm. For being a hardworking employee we benefit with (name of the award) and continue with your grateful work.


Adams E.

The manager.

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