Discover common questions asked to most web developers during an interview and check our detailed answers.

9 HTML5 Interview Questions and Answers

HTML5 is a coding language used to build web pages. Such languages are quickly learned, in college, online and even through friends. An interview, however, is still challenging, especially for freshers. With proper preparation, however, you can ace that interview and land your dream job.

These HTML5 interview questions and answers will help you in your preparation and build your confidence to impress the panel. The list is not exhaustive and you change the answers to suit your qualifications and experience.

General Interview Questions

Tell us a little about yourself.

  • Give a short description of yourself, what you have done and what you aim to achieve professionally.

Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position?

  • Show the panel your passion for coding. Describe where you got your love and listed a set of skills that help in interaction with others e.g. loving challenges, teamwork skills

Describe a situation when you exercised leadership skills

  • Give a short description of when you had to lead a team, even if it was two members. Be sure to include the details of how you saved a situation with your leadership skills. 

Technical Skills and Job Qualification

How would you reduce page load time?

  • Potential solutions include: Reducing image sizes, removing unnecessary widgets, HTTP compression, minimizing redirects, caching, etc.

Do you have any projects you are working on? Which is the most important project you have worked on in the previous job?

  • This is a chance to display your experience in coding. Describe the best project in your portfolio making sure to use technical language. Answers should reflect your passion.

What new input attributes are available in HTML5?

  • Answer with confidence. New form elements include: data lists, output, range, keygen, date, month, number, email, and 

Personal Questions

Describe a situation when a peer challenged your decision.

  • Show the panel that you have excellent dispute resolution skills. Also, illustrate that you can handle positive criticism

What do you like doing in your spare time?

  • Use this chance to show that you’re interested in what you code, e.g. hobbies like surfing the web, or those that make you a better person, e.g., chess

Do you have a family, are you planning on having children?

  • There is no right or wrong answer to this. Such questions are deemed too personal. If you have a family make sure you list a set of skills that it has helped you sharpen.

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