Plaques provide a useful and convenient way of recognizing employees. Not only can they accommodate a lot of text to relay a recognition message, but they can also be displayed when hung, and they can be made from different materials such as metal, marble, wood, glass and acrylic. They can also be made into different designs and shapes such as square, oval and rectangle. One other benefit is the ability to customize the wording to fit the award, considering that they are used to award achievement, service, excellence, leadership, teamwork, and other accomplishments. Below are some wording ideas for the plaques.


In honor of love and time you gave to the ones in need

In recognition of your exemplary job performance

In appreciation of your hard work, enthusiasm and cooperation


In honor of 5 years of service

In appreciation for your diligence and dedication above the call of duty

In recognition of 25 years of exceptional devotion and service

10 years of dedicated service always there for each project

Customer service appreciation

To thank you for your outstanding commitment and dedication to serving the customers

In recognition of your outstanding customer service

Thank you for being dedicated to our customers

Outstanding achievement

To recognize your exceptional achievement

For your commitment and service where it mattered

For your outstanding achievement in contributing to the success of the department


Enjoy the retirement you have earned it

The award for appreciation of 30 years of continued service and dedication

Happy retirement from your colleagues

Congratulations on your retirement


Outstanding salesperson of the year in recognition of your target surpassing ability

For outstanding half year sales

In recognition of your sales target achievement in the region

For yearly sales exceeding $ 1million


In appreciation of your dedicated leadership as branch manager

In grateful appreciation of your visionary leadership as general manager

For your outstanding devotion and dedication to leading the company to greater heights

In recognition of outstanding accomplishments during your leadership

Employee of the month/year

Congratulations In recognition of your outstanding performance

In appreciation of your dedication and commitment to excellence

For being an exemplary model of company values

For your extraordinary dedication and service


In recognition of the team's contribution to the success of the project

The management commends the team for excellent work

To the procuring department for reducing the cost of purchases


In recognition of your outstanding half year in production quality

In recognition of your commitment to high quality and our ISO certification


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