Hiring a new employee is part of a company investment. Either time, money or resources are spent when onboarding a new employee to be part of an organization. Thus as a manager, when you are hiring a new employee you need to seek more information on the employee to make sure that you are making the right decision. According to the Canadian Human Right rules, employers are expected to conduct employee background check. Background screening is part of the hiring process in the Canadian grounds.

Here is few Employee background check in Canada that you might never know that they existed:

Criminal record checks

There is not an even a single employer who would risk his organization by hiring an employee who has broken the law. Thus, employee criminal background checking is the most common screening in Canada. According to the Canadian legislation, Employers are given the privilege to check the following databases: Pardoned Sex Offender, Local Police Information, and the main body referred to as National Repository of Criminal Records. However, as the manager, you don't need to check the employees using the three sources as one source may provide the necessary information on the employee; The bodies that conduct such screening usually chooses one category, but according to the company's decision.

Employment evaluation

Job evaluation is done to verify the employee is suitable for the position. The Canadian Human right body permits the employer to conduct the verification through the credit checks history. However, this is done with the candidate consent. The employees are then expected to carry the audit of the credit checks according to the position the employee is vying to get.

Reference employees check

Referencing is a common type of screening. The Canadian government permits the operator to reference the former employer of the candidate. Through the reference check, the employee may list all the question he/she have toward the employee and send it to the previous employer. It's a perfect way to reveal the weakness and the strengths of the employee.

Education background checks

Education screening is permissible in Canada. The employee is expected to test the employee relevant information and even ask for consent from institutions chancellors to verifying the credential provided by the operator are real.

CV and Resume verification

Employees may fake their resume just to impress a manager. The Canadian Human right body permits employers to counter check, the education, payroll or any documents provided as part of the resume. Verification is done without personal bias.

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