Find out the contents and sample of a new employee evaluation form.

Sample new employee evaluation form

After some days upon the commencement of work by your new employees, it is crucial to conduct an evaluation. Mostly, organizations carry out performance assessment on their new employees within periods of 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. These assessments enable the employer to gauge how well the employee is adapting to the organization. They also highlights strong areas of the employee as well as the weak points.

Contents of the new employee evaluation form

Employee/ Supervisor Details

Here include the name of the new employee and their current position. In addition, fill in the date they were hired. As the supervisor and the evaluator, you should fill in your name, department, and the number of years in the company. It is also crucial to identify the review type.

General performance rating

This part outlines the rating scales to be used for assessing different performance indicators. For example, you can use terms such as exceeds expectations, meets expectations, below expectations, unsatisfactory.


Since, you are evaluating a new employee, the performance indicators can vary significantly from that of your other employees. For instance, common categories in some new employee evaluation form include job skills, communication skills, use of organization’s equipment/materials, alignment with mission, values and purpose of the company, and work ethic.

Employee / evaluator comments

The evaluator should comment on the results of the evaluation and they should offer recommendations for the new employee. On the other hand, the employee should set goals to achieve until the next evaluation. They should also comment on the evaluation just as the supervisor.

New employee evaluation form sample

New Employee Evaluation

Employee Name: […] Job Title: […] Date Hired: […]

Supervisor: […] Department: […] Time on Job: […]

Type of Evaluation: […]

Rating Directions Check the appropriate rating accordingly.

Work skills; time management, initiative, focusing on assignments.

Exceeds expectations […] Meets expectations […]

Below expectations […] Unsatisfactory […]

Work ethic; attendance and punctuality, reliability.

Exceeds expectations […] Meets expectations […]

Below expectations […] Unsatisfactory […]

Communication skills; relations with co-workers, responsiveness to customers.

Exceeds expectations […] Meets expectations […]

Below expectations […] Unsatisfactory […]

Use of organizational materials/equipment; demonstration of knowledge when using computers, phones, and machines.

Exceeds expectations […] Meets expectations […]

Below expectations […] Unsatisfactory […]

Employee Goals


Supervisors Comments […]

Supervisor Signature […]

Employee Comments […]

I confirm that I have seen this evaluation form and I have a copy.

Employee’s Signature/ Date

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