Dependability: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Dependability is the characteristic of being able to be counted on and relied upon by providing services that be trusted within a period.

Dependability: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Displays exceptional performance and keenness on tasks performed every day
  • Ensures the performance is steady and strong regardless of any upcoming situation
  • Unstoppable by any obstacles, pressures and demands that would justifiably derail others
  • Can be counted on to give the very best under all circumstances
  • Keeps all commitments and works with coworkers to help them keep theirs
  • Automatically works extra hours to get all the work done within the set deadlines
  • Demonstrates solid performance consistently in all aspects of work done
  • Handles all projects conscientiously from the beginning to the end
  • Demands reliability from others especially when working as a team
  • Has a track record of energy, drive and performance levels that are inconsistent and unpredictable

Dependability: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Maintains the highest levels of personal integrity that make them admirable
  • Displays exemplary behavior in every aspect of the work given
  • Is highly regarded as dependable by both management and the team working together
  • Completely adheres to the laid out company rules without defaulting any of them
  • When given a choice always opts for the reputable one ensuring discipline is highly maintained
  • Identifies the worthy steps and takes them in executing all the tasks given
  • Uses the promises made as the bond, always sticking by them
  • Does not consider any dubious methods or less honorable plans or strategies to get work done
  • Can be relied upon to handle urgent tasks that no one wants to handle
  • Builds an environment of dependability and trust around the workplace

Dependability: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Disappoints coworkers and employers who depend on them to complete assigned tasks
  • Does not keep any promise given compromising the company's policies
  • Verbally guarantees that deadlines will be met but consistently misses them
  • Does not allow others to question the level of commitment and devotion
  • Sets integrity aside when performing any task or dealing with any customer
  • Treats others with contempt and does not show concern for new employees
  • Cannot be relied upon to help newbies adapt to the new environment
  • Holds a questionable character that every customer and coworker gets concerned about
  • Violates the company standards and expectations regarding reliability and availability
  • Does not take any action following complaints from coworkers, management or customers

Dependability: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Can your manager depend on you to handle tasks without being asked to do so?
  • Are you available when you need to complete a task or handle a difficult customer?
  • Do you give excuses instead of doing what is right?
  • Are you trustworthy to handle the tasks given without passing them on to others?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done no matter the situation?
  • Are you willing to work overtime if the task requires you to do so?
  • Are your work results and your reliability in harmony and dos your record show that?
  • Do you finish all your projects and tasks within the allocated time?
  • Are you a loyal person that your coworkers and management can rely on?
  • Are there areas you have not showed or practiced dependability that you need to change

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