Top 30 new employee engagement activities

New hires are a great asset to the society. They bring up new skills and abilities hence helping the company to achieve its goals and objectives. New employees need to feel they have a place in the organization and their presence is valued. To recognize of new staff, you can come up with new employee engagement activities where the whole organization can engage and collaborate with the new staffs

New employee engagement activities help to monitor their concern of the job given to them. It also helps in retaining them thus reducing the rate of turnover. The new employee engagement activities can act as a tool, assisting understand their responsibilities and enhances their skills and abilities. Here are some engagement activities for new employees.


  • Let the new team get to know the whole team
  • Encourage them to start up clubs to help them understand each other
  • Encourage them to start teamwork to help them collaborate
  • Conduct an orientation to help them know the organization
  • Incorporate some trivia questions and let them discuss


  • Let them understand the company’s vision and mission
  • Let them understand their responsibilities and tasks
  • Assist them with their career and help them achieve their goals
  • Bring in a motivator to offer some inspiration and motivation
  • Involve them in planning process for the organization


  • Create a welcome party for the new hires
  • Invite a favorite band to entertain the new employees
  • Encourage gamification to create fun for the new employees
  • Let them have a contest with each other
  • Take them out for tour
  • Bring them for conference to help them understand their tasks
  • Have a sports day event for the new employees


  • Invest in their training
  • Provide learning opportunities and let everyone have a chance
  • Take them for learning tours to help them enhance their abilities and skills
  • Bring in a special speaker to teach the new employees something new
  • Let the old team integrate with the new hires and equip them with some skills


  • Let the new staff know the challenges facing the organization
  • Let them have a say in decision-making
  • Encourage them to speak up their ideas
  • Encourage them to give feedback on how they view their new job
  • Show them how their job is important to the company’s vision
  • Allow them to get involved with other departments other than theirs

Working condition

  • Create a conducive working environment for the new hires.
  • Replace the old furniture with new ones.
  • Allow new hires to follow their personal careers.
  • Enhance flexibility.
  • Offer them an excellent compensation.

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