Attendance and punctuality are essential if an employee is to perform effectively. There is a need to arrive at work on time, attend meetings and take the allocated time for breaks. Provided there is efficient timekeeping, it is easy to review an employee on their punctuality and attendance.

Considering it’s a touchy subject, below are some review comments that can assist you in giving a firm yet sensitive appraisal. There are comments for excellence or exceeds expectations, meets expectations and does not meet expectations.


  1. Comes in earlier that anyone else, attends to his schedule on time and adheres to the allocated breaks.
  2. Runs meetings on schedule.
  3. She submits her assignments and projects well before time and also ensures they are accurate.
  4. She arrives early, leaves late and attends to her schedules on time. She prioritizes projects and can leave late if so required.
  5. He sets a punctuality example to his staff by arriving early and leaving last. He also instills the same to his staff and in turn his team is the best performing.

Meets expectations

  1. Had a perfect attendance throughout the year. She did not miss even a single working day, and she arrived on time.
  2. She comes to the meetings on time and also well prepared.
  3. Makes sure that the employees under him adhere to the attendance policies regarding arrival time and breaks.
  4. He is a reliable employee with no issues related to attendance and punctuality.
  5. He observes the attendance policy and does not take unnecessary sick days.

Needs improvement - Does not meet expectations occasionally

  1. While in most cases she reports in early, in some instance she arrives late, although she provides necessary communication.
  2. Sometimes she extends her lunch break and does not adjust her work schedule accordingly.
  3. His meetings extend beyond the allocated time and therefore he should try to limit the agenda to fit the time.
  4. Although he arrives to work early, he does not attend to this schedule on time and sometimes wastes time with unnecessary tasks.
  5. While he is punctual, many of the employees under him are not. He needs to instill the company policy on punctuality to the staff.

Failed to meet expectations

  1. Reports to work late and on most occasions without a valid reason.
  2. Does not attend all meetings and when he does he arrives late which indicates he does not respect others time.
  3. Fails to report to work on some days and does not call to inform his supervisor. He has received three warnings on the same.
  4. Does not return calls or reply to emails on a timely basis.
  5. Takes long lunch breaks that interfere with his work schedule.
  6. Takes sick days around holidays and weekends. She also takes all the maximum allowed sick days.

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