Communication is a major area in every business. If communication falters, then every sector fails. From the top management to the least of the employees it is imperative to have a clear path that includes everyone. With the right chain of communication, the company thrives, and you get a happy bunch of employees.

Top employee surveys questions


  • Has the company provided detailed information about its plans and progress?
  • Do you communicate regularly at the company level sharing and exchanging ideas?
  • Do your opinions count?
  • Have the company's goals, objectives and strategies been clearly communicated?
  • Has the company directors given the staff a clear direction in which the company is headed?
  • Is the information communicated to you detailed and accurate?

Job position

  • Are you well informed about your job position?
  • Am you given an open opportunity to express your ideas to your supervisors?

Communication with others

  • Is there good open communication in your team or group?
  • Is there good communication between the people in different departments of the company?
  • Can you speak freely to your supervisor on a variety of topics?
  • Do fellow works share information and new ideas freely?
  • Do your co-workers listen to your ideas?

Communicating with your management

  • Does your supervisor inform you about important issues?
  • Does the management communicate frequently with the employees?
  • Is the management on time in communicating changes or decisions that affect the employees?
  • Is he willing to listen to your ideas?
  • Does your supervisor work towards better communication tools?
  • Are you kept up-to-date with the management's progress in the company?
  • Does your manager communicate frequently and honestly about the issues you face?
  • Are the meetings held able to communicate effectively to the employees?
  • Is your manager available when you have questions or need help?

Coordination/Knowledge sharing

  • Is information readily available when you need it?
  • How often do you receive the information you need to effectively perform your job?
  • Do you share crucial information regarding your success with your co-workers?
  • Do departments willingly share helpful information with other agencies?
  • Are group meetings informative and worthwhile?
  • Are there particular departments/people who tend to hoard information?
  • Are there cliques of individuals who seem to be controlling the flow of information?
  • Are there gate keepers who hinder the flow of information?

Personal survey

  • What barriers have you encountered in the communication chain of your organization?
  • Are you satisfied with your own communication skills?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of communications in your company?
  • How would you rate your company's communication channel on a scale of 1-10?
  • What would you like to see improved?
  • Is the information you receive adequate?

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