Top 30 Employee Engagement Activities in BPO Sector

Employees working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector are expected to shower case their personal efficiency as a firm expect high performance from them. Outsourcing is not a simple task and the employees in the area are strenuously trained to produce quality work.

The most common area of BPO are the call centers, human resource, accounting, payroll outsourcing just to mention a few. These services are also known as Information Technology Business Related Services ( an ). Most of the company, more so the HR, relies on the employees in the BPO sector thus making their work difficult. If the employee is not engaged, it may lead to small production and even loss of sensitive business data. However, to prevent data breach insecurity, it’s better to engage your employees. Here are Employee Engagement Activities in BPO Sector for your organization.

Engagement activities

  • Goal setting- involve the employees in the BPO sector in group goal setting.
  • Website design- let them have a voice in the website creation activities.
  • Company magazines- Let the employee contribute to the firm publications.
  • Charity events- brings the employee together.
  • Open office door- open door policy will encourage engagement among employees.

Communication activities

  • Forums- use forum to help employee air their views
  • Chic chats- let the employee have small talks.
  • Feedback- let them choose a suitable method to air their comments.
  • Magazine contributions- employee to share their experience through company publications.
  • Online platforms- blogs, social pages, and even discussion boards.

Reward ideas

  • Benefit programs- recognize employee for their services.
  • Compensation schemes- pay an employee for extra work done.
  • Profit sharing- engage and include the employees in profit sharing.
  • Recognition day- monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.
  • Anniversary Gifts- 1, 3, five …and so years of service anniversaries.

Organisational activities

  • Flexibility- allow the employees to work according to their schedule.
  • Responsibilities- Trust the employees with more responsibilities.
  • Life balance- encourage the employee to follow personal career and choices.
  • Working environment- let the employee enjoy clean and peaceful working environment.
  • Opportunities- provide equality of opportunity with those working outside the BPO sector.

Team building activities

  • Sports- a field will help employee interact.
  • Gamification- encourage games in their happy hour.
  • Volunteer- help the employee to volunteer for charity work.
  • Social day- let employee engage in activities that will bring interaction.
  • Events- let employee plan and participate in events.

Management activities

  • Leadership roles- let them exchange leadership role weekly.
  • Mentorship- mentorship programs and conferences.
  • Feedback- let the employee provide honest feedback to their HR.
  • Fairness- evaluate the employees fairly.

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