Understand the top ideas on employee recognition theme to use in your organization

28 Top employee recognition theme ideas

A theme is an exciting promotion program that lights up the day for everyone involved. Its aim is to lighten a dull moment or break the norm of everyday schedule to create a warm, friendly atmosphere. In every organization, it is important to come up with the employee recognition event themes to create a warm atmosphere to the employees. Companies have learned the secret of creating many different ideas to brand their credit programs and make the employees feel appreciated. Themes make these programs enticing and fun to participate encouraging the employees to work harder. To learn of different ideas that you can use in your individual employee recognition, just look at the list below. We can only give a few examples, but organizations are allowed to create their themes that fit their recognition programs. We understand that coming up with a theme or artwork is hard and can be very frustrating if you do it all by yourself. Getting an experienced award program provider eases your work as ll you have to do is give directions and the right words and then leave it to the experts to brand whatever items you need the award to feature. Getting an expert makes it easier and manageable, leaving all the parties happy.

Employee Recognition Theme Ideas

These theme ideas allow the use of products that are branded in the particular topic ideas. Items like water bottles, tote bags, tumblers, lapel pins, Notebooks and journals, pen gift sets, branded company shirts, umbrellas, travel mugs, key chains, value coolers, etc. The theme ideas include:

Ideas that appreciate individuals

  • A rare treasure
  • A fortunate find
  • Thanks for keeping the promise

Ideas for giving thanks and appreciation

  • Thumbs up awards
  • Applause Awards
  • Light bulb recognition
  • Tokens of appreciation awards
  • Hats off awards

Themes for peer to peer recognition programs

  • Super Hero Awards
  • Black Board Awards
  • Hollywood walk of fame awards

Teamwork themes

  • Together everyone achieves more
  • It takes teamwork
  • One team one goal
  • Teamwork rocks!

Excellence Themes

  • Leading by example
  • Key to our success
  • Leadership begins with you
  • Excellence is Vital
  • Great Job!

Themes for Motivation

  • Essential piece
  • You made the difference
  • Thanks for all you do!
  • You are truly appreciated

Themes on Great Attitude

  • You Rock!
  • Gratitude with Attitude
  • Positive Praise
  • You are a BIG deal!

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