Potential for Advancement: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

The potential for Advancement is the ability to make something better by being more skillful, more efficient, and more useful to produce high-quality results.

Potential for Advancement: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Establishes both short term and long term clear and challenging goals that are attainable
  • Holds a clear vision of the future working diligently to make it a reality
  • Always strives to attain personal goals that can easily be forgotten
  • Carries a strong personal orientation that is inspired by real example in the workplace
  • Aims to make every relationship in the workplace work to maintain a peaceful environment
  • Consistently keeps a track record of meeting personal objectives and setting even higher goals
  • Displays a great initiative and energy in pursuing personal goals
  • Maintains a record of attained goals that have led to markedly improved personal and corporate performance
  • Devotes significant efforts in reaching the company goals set and within the set deadlines
  • Continues to set a trend that cannot be easily reached by any other employee

Potential for Advancement: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Shows great confidence in the ability to meet the challenging set targets
  • Able to set as well as meet both personal goals and performance goals
  • Listens and adheres to active counsel regarding the business strategies
  • Sets challenging yet realistic goals and designs strategies to achieve them
  • Has established an easy way to meet all the company goals set
  • Responds with a great attitude to management, co-workers, and customers
  • Asks for training or coaching where needful without wasting time
  • Helps weak employees meet their goals and beat deadlines with ease
  • Takes work seriously giving it the required commitment the company asks
  • Manages time well and schedules tasks well spread in daily tasks

Potential for Advancement: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Has little persistence in working with others to meet goals
  • Sets very unrealistic goals which are not fulfilled or realized
  • Has no potential to do challenging tasks always giving excuses
  • Does not have a serious commitment to achieving both particular and business goals
  • Looks for other people to do personal duties and claims to have done them
  • Takes the management very lightly and does not respect others
  • Carries a selfish attitude that creates a rift between colleagues
  • Always gives up when the project is not completed making others do more work
  • Jumps from one project to another without reaching any set goals or accomplishing set targets
  • Does not accept any responsibility even for personal work that is incomplete

Potential for Advancement: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you fully commit yourself to serve your company and do your best?
  • Are you part of the accomplishers or losers who contribute to the company's losses?
  • Do you ask for coaching or training when you need it or do you delay until it is forced on you?
  • Do you carefully consider the feedback from the management or do you overlook it?
  • Are you willing to change tactics and part of the winning team?
  • Do you set goals or have a workable plan that you follow through with?
  • What measures are you meaning to use to become better in executing your duties?
  • Do you pay careful attention to coaching and implement it in your work?
  • What strengths do you have that you can use to work better?
  • Do you accept positive criticism that is meant to help you improve your expertise?

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