Understand how to communicate the results of evaluation to the employees to persuade them to become better

Employee evaluation: Sample communication note

Employee evaluation is simply defined as the review of a worker's performance. Most companies have enacted thos process and evaluate their staff on a regular basis to learn what is happening with each one of them. Most of these evaluations are done yearly to take stock of what the employee has done for the rest of the year. It helps both in understanding which employee outdid and how much the company grew through their efforts. During this evaluation season, the workers who have done well receive their annually pay raise while those who have failed in their work end their year jobless. Positive comments should always be highlighted to create an atmosphere of love and care for every employee to feel encouraged and motivated to do better. Even when some areas require much work, putting it in a positive way is the best language that the employee understands.

Sample communication note for performance evaluation

  • Written and Verbal communication
  • Communicates clearly and effectively at all levels.
  • Produces easily understandable presentations and reports
  • Is a master in all kinds of written communication
  • Effectively deals with both the management and fellow workers.
  • Is the go to person when anyone needs help with both verbal and written communication advice.
  • Respects the company's confidentiality.
  • Provides timely feedback by following up through the needful steps.
  • Has the most readable handwriting in the company
  • Has a clear, direct and concise flow of thoughts
  • Keeps email messages on point and well updated
  • Actively listens to others
  • Uses captivating language
  • Writes clear work without grammatical errors
  • Creates reports and documents that are consistently outstanding.
  • Compels people to listen to him
  • Is a less talker but says more with the direct speech
  • Thinks before talking
  • is a great public speaker
  • Is very organized in his presentations
  • Reads other people well without judging
  • Is totally comfortable around his peers
  • He is a great debater
  • He is recognized for being the company's wordsmith that everyone refers to when in need.
  • A great speaker who easily holds the attention of others.
  • Senses when others need help and extend the help required.
  • Keeps the workers and managers informed on the work progress.
  • Gives necessary information to his co-workers.
  • Ability to connect with people.
  • A very competent communicator.
  • Effective in resolving customer problems.
  • Is very good at imparting messages
  • Handles each customer with ease and honesty
  • Can offer delicate understanding
  • Is a correct combination of understanding, talking and hearing.


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