Timeclock software makes it easy to keep track of the hours worked by employees. The software removes the need to use manual logging in which can be tedious and ineffective. Some features present in most employee time clock software is the ability to log in from anywhere, GPS tracking and payroll integration. Some of the top software includes:

https://www.tracksmart.com/timeclock TrackSmart time clock

TrackSmart time clock software enables tracking of the time worked by employees. The employees can clock from anywhere using smart devices or computers while managers can also respond online, whether approving or overriding. The software allows the calculation of payroll and running of payroll reports as well as monitoring employees on absence and lateness.

http://wheniwork.com/time-clock-software wheniwork time clock

Wheniwork time clock software provides tracking time solutions to small businesses. The employees can use their iPhone or Android devices to clock in. Alternatively, you can use a terminal which can be an android table, iPad or a computer. It integrates with payroll providers such as QuickBooks, ADP and Gusto.

https://www.shiftplanning.com/timeclock Shiftplanning time clock

With shiftplanning, employees can clock in from the clocking locations established, while non-office staff can clock in using mobile applications with managers verifying location using GPS. The software helps to eliminate buddy clocking through the webcam biometrics that takes snapshots at clocking points and by using clocking by IP addresses. It also takes screenshots to help monitor employee activity and can track those missing shifts and coming late. Also, data from the software can be exported to payroll.

https://www.redcort.com/timeclock Redcort Software

Redcort software is a virtual time clock for Windows and Mac computers. It helps in instant tracking of time or for printing reports and timecards. It enables accuracy in payroll by recording the exact time while providing up to date timecards. The hours are totaled automatically.

https://www.timeclockplus.com/ Timeclock Plus

Timeclock Plus is a time tracking software for both cloud-based and on-premises. It features plans suitable for different business types. The express plan is for a customer with simple needs and allows clocking, monitoring employee status and producing basic reports. The standard plan is suitable for organizations that are growing and allows for web clocking and managers can edit time from a browser. The professional package is for large businesses and has full features including time clocking, accruing sick leave and vacation. The clocking can be done using biometric time, card swipe, Telclock, hand scanner or pin entry.

https://www.tsheets.com/ Tsheets

Tsheets simplifies time tracking and employees can clock in from any location, switch tasks and jobs. It also features a tracking app for Android and iPhone. The scheduling part of the software, whos working and GPS allows for checking whether employees are working and where they are. It also features alerts that notify if employees do not follow the schedule.

http://www.kronos.com/ Kronos

Kronos Workforce Ready is cloud-based timekeeping software for small businesses. It allows clocking in using computers, mobile devices and time clocks. Its GPS feature records employees clocking in location. The employees can request time off, check their schedules and review their benefits accruals. Kronos can be used for salaried, contractors and hourly employees.

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