An employee survey structure is a questionnaire that asks the employee to contribute their views towards the performance of the company at large and their department that they work in. This survey helps the employer come to the full knowledge of what is happening in the workplace at the employees level and what can be improved to make it a better place. An employee survey is the best way for an employer to understand what their employees feel about their workplace.

An Employee Engagement Survey Template

For the best Engagement Survey questionnaire, it is advisable only to include fewer questions that are through to give the employees room to answer all of them. Longer surveys lead to non-completion and lots of time wasted on the study.

Survey Questions

Company's mission and purpose

  • Do you have a good understanding of the Company's mission and what it stands for?
  • Is your job important on accomplishing the Company's mission?
  • Do you understand how your job is connected to the overall success of the company?
  • Does your supervisor furnish you with adequate information about the mission and goals of the enterprise?
  • Are you familiar with your company's strategic goals?

Work and life Balance

  • Does the work environment support a balance between your personal life and work?
  • Does your boss understand the significant benefits of maintaining this balance?
  • Are you able to satisfy both your job and family responsibilities?
  • Does the office provide a good pace for the work every day?
  • Is the work given to you reasonable?

Growth Opportunities

  • Are you presented with enough opportunities for professional growth?
  • Do you receive training to improve you?
  • Is your manager directly interested with your professional growth?
  • Does your manager encourage you and support your growth?
  • Does your work challenge you to think outside the box?


  • Do you receive useful feedback from your manager?
  • Do you receive adequate feedback on how you perform?
  • Do you have an opportunity to give feedback to your boss on the set goals?
  • Is the employee performance evaluation carried out in a fair manner?
  • When you do a good job, do you receive recognition and praise?

Fairness and respect to all employees

  • Does your manager treat all employees with the same fair treatment?
  • Is favoritism exercised in issues of raises and promotion?
  • Do the company's policies promote fairness in all areas?
  • Is your manager consistent when delivering policies that concern the employees?
  • Are you always treated fairly by your managers and your fellow employees?

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