Master the right skills to create an appealing supervisory resume that will reward you with a job of your dreams

11 critical supervisory skills for your resume

Successful supervisors are well advanced in vital skills that any organization requires. They are well acquainted with knowledge about their objectives plans, products as well as organization hierarchy. It is very critical for them to understand and store all this information to keep the company running in the best way they know. Supervisors possess technical knowledge like planning, organization, motivating, controlling and directing that are highly required in the workplace. These are not the only qualities that the supervisor should hold; a great decision maker and creative thinker is an added advantage. To win your employer's attention and get that supervisors position you have wanted all your life, navigate through this list and get to learn what skills the employers look for.

Vital supervisory skills for your resume

Personal qualities

  • Creativity skills - The ability to come up with new workable responses to situations.
  • Mental Agility skills - The ability to understand problems quickly and provide solutions at the same time - it is more of multi-tasking making sure the entire situation is catered for at once.
  • Self-knowledge skills - The ability to understand and comprehend the roles, objectives, strengths and weaknesses of the organization and its workforce. Also, the skill to look at himself as the supervisor critically.
  • Learning skills - The ability to remain a learner throughout your life to advance your knowledge and that of the organization. Must be a step ahead of everyone else in the organization.
  • Emotional balance - It is the ability to work in situations that involve leadership, authority, meeting deadlines and targets, resolving conflicts while maintaining an emotional balance and self-control confidently and successfully.
  • Proactive skills - The ability to plan everything well in advance and execute it when time comes as well as respond to the needs of the situation that suddenly arises. Must also take responsibility instead of passing blame to others.

Managerial skills

  • Technical skills - The proficiency to perform specific activities that involve following processes, procedures, techniques or methods and helping others do the same.
  • Human skills - The experience to work with others, understand, communicate, motivate, resolve conflict and discipline others. It has the skills that will help you in your daily interaction with people.
  • Conceptual skills - The ability to understand general ideas and apply them to the specific situations. Understand how particular actions affect the total organization
  • Diagnostic skills - The ability to analyze the nature of problems, people, ideas, things, etc. and proceed with a recommended solution to the problem.
  • Political skills - The proficiency in acquiring power and using it appropriately to achieve the organization's objectives.

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