Companies have realized the benefit of having engaged employees. It means higher productivity, increased sales, higher customer satisfaction, profitability and few absent days. Employee engagement implies a situation where employees are emotionally committed to achieving the goals of the company, and they are not just working for the pay. The question is how you encourage employee engagement in the organization. One way is to use fun activities in the workplace, to bring a lighter note to work. This way, your staff will have a good time, which will remove the notion of a dull work environment.

Office Olympics

Everybody in the company should take part and compete against each other in the Olympics. This will give them a chance to bond, know each other better and be healthy. You can incorporate prizes to bring in a competitive spirit and remember to take those embarrassing photos.

Fun onboarding

Make it easy for the new employees to adapt to the new environment in a fun way by having onboarding trivia. This way, information that may be considered boring is tackled in a fun way while both the new and existing employees learn more about the company.

Spelling Bee

Let your employees have fun spelling those unfamiliar words. This can be organized as an event, and staff can be given time to prepare and also contribute the words to be used.

Video games

Office work can be stressing and having some relaxing time can be more than welcome. Video games on a Friday afternoon can help to relieve the stress and break boredom as employees have fun. The games can be played online or somewhere where others can watch the competitors

Indoor golf

Golf can be played to break the work monotony and stress. The good thing is that it does not require a lot of space since the course can be set in a small space on the corridors or between cubicles.

Truth and lie game

Knowing each other can go a long way at creating healthy working relationships. In the game, the employees are required to write two truths and a lie about themselves. One is picked at random, and the other employees are required to spot the truth and the lie.

Treasure hunt

Employees can do a treasure hunt in the office. Put them in teams and give them clues to the treasure. Make sure the treasure is enticing.

Best recipe of the month

Everyone brings a meal he or she has prepared. It is judged, and the best wins. This is a good way for the employees to showcase their culinary skills. The winner is crowned the chef.

Guess who

In the game, workers can be shown childhood photos of their colleagues, and they should guess who the person is.

Birthday fun

Surprise employees with a birthday bash. You can decorate their workstation and put a surprise gift or hold a party.

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