Learn how to appreciate your employees by applying the following creative employee themes Week ideas.

Employee Appreciation Week Theme. Top 24 Ideas

Employee appreciation week is a perfect opportunity for the organization to say thank you to the hardworking workers in the firm. During the employee appreciation week, you can provide meaningful gifts and come up with creative office party themes. Appreciating employees is a way to show them that their work hasn’t gone unrecognized. The most organization has embraced the spirit of appreciation throughout the year and by having an Employee Appreciation Week is an opportunity to show your gratitude.

A company may decide to treat the employees with a happy week and choose a theme that set a tone for the week activities. The employee appreciation week theme ideas should be appropriate, and you can add activities that will engage the workers and create a happy atmosphere at the workplace. Here are theme Ideas for Employee Appreciation week to get you started.

Office Olympic

  • Host a mini- Olympic for the employees.
  • Have inter-department competitions and set prizes to motivate the employees.
  • Let the employee choose a team that can represent them in sporting activities
  • Have a week art where employee shares ideas through drawings.
  • Create a round table and set a puzzle for the whole team.
  • Host a sports theme lunched and let employee play their favorite game at the time.


  • Have an award ceremony event and let employee participate in the planning.
  • Make elegant invitation and have fun programs at work.
  • Red carpet recognition ceremony.
  • Let the employees dress up for the occasion and receive awards.
  • Allow the employee participate in a jar of an act of kindness.

Classic themes

  • Have the employee bring symbolic items to the workplace to represent a different culture.
  • Host a potluck and engage the employees.
  • Have a company dessert buffets and for the employees
  • Create a casino theme, for example, a Las Vegas casino and encourage employees to participate in various games.
  • Host a company picnic and provide goodie baskets.
  • Host a costume party and let employee dress up and show their creativity.

Fun Themes

  • Throw a decade party and let employee come with fancy clothes of the 90s and 80s.
  • Invite a therapist to bring relaxation to the office by offering massage, spa to the staffs.
  • Brighten your office using a beach inspired setup.
  • Support the employee to participate in acts of kindness throughout the week, a week of gratitude and compassion.
  • Cheer up the working environment with jokes

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