Utilize these useful ideas in honoring employees who have served your company for many years.

Employee Recognition years of service: 12 useful ideas

It is imperative to have fantastic employee recognition ideas especially for the long-serving employees who have served with your organization for an extended period. Companies who create a solid strategy to recognize their workers enjoy an increased employee morale and a loving spirit of customer service. Most companies with a planned employee recognition have registered a higher level of productivity from their workers consistently in many years. Staff attention is an art, and the strongest recognition technique to implement is one that leaves the employees feeling loved, valued, respected and even loved. You can choose from ideas below on how to keep your employees well recognized. Employee recognition years of service recognition program recognizes those workers who have stayed with the company for an extended period. Employers award these workers as a thank you sign for their loyalty.

Useful ideas of employee recognition

  • Naming fun- come up with name placards with fun titles and nicknames for the employees you are appreciating. You can post or paint them around the company premises to show appreciation.
  • Give them a personalized parking lot - Allot them a personalized parking space that comes with their name Printed or painted.
  • Customize your thanks - learn each long-serving employee's name and thank them personally for example "Thank you, Carole, for..." This makes it unique.
  • Take time out - Enjoy a time out with the long-serving employees where you talk about everything else except business.
  • Lifetime achievement - Every time you hire a new employee, award those who have served with you for over a year to acknowledge their loyalty.
  • Brag Boards - Come up with a board that anyone can post and brag about somebody in the company.
  • Create a learning library - Have a resource center that is stocked with the newest programs based on what they want to learn.
  • Come up with innovation day - Keep it open for log serving employees to work on a personal project or volunteer in the department of their choice.
  • Tuition offer - Give free or part tuition fees or books to long serving employees who take up courses related to their jobs.
  • Taxi services - Offer to give these employees a free taxi ride of their choice every week for an agreed period.
  • Thank their entire family - Employee's family directly feel the pressure that these workers go through every single day. Thanking the whole family acknowledges the family's sacrifice which is a nice gesture.
  • Time - Give employees who have remained faithful your time and attention. Provide mentorship or coaching that will make them feel appreciated.

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