Employees that are shown appreciation by their employers are known to be more productive, motivated and engaged which in turn translates to higher productivity for the business. Employee appreciation certificates provide an even better way to show your employees that you value their efforts. The certificates can be used appreciating voluntary work, years of service, great leadership, high productivity, and community service among other recognition of effort.

Outstanding service wording

For dedicating 10 years of service to the company

Appreciation for the 20 years of loyalty, dedicated service and friendship.

In appreciation of the many years you have been dedicated to the company and your outstanding accomplishments.

Presented in recognition of your loyalty and dedication for 25 years.

In honor of your long and dedicated service to the company.

Achievement wording

For your outstanding performance and dedication.

For outstanding sales performance and surpassing the sales target.

For being the best customer care representative this month.

To appreciate your outstanding accomplishments.

In appreciation for the best in sales this year.

Leadership wording

For your leadership and guidance as the team leader.

For outstanding leadership as the sales manager.

To appreciate your dedication and superior leadership to the company  

To recognize your excellent performance in running the purchasing department to its highest potential.

In appreciation for your visionary and unmatched leadership as the chairperson.

Teamwork wording

For your lasting contribution to the team.

For your dedicated service in completing the project.

In appreciation of your efforts in making a successful team.

In grateful appreciation of outstanding performance and leadership to the team.

Community service

Unwavering effort and dedication to the progress of the community.

For dedicating your effort to the success of the local football team.

To appreciate your generous support in the success of the foundation.

In appreciation for your generous donations and support.

To recognize your valued participation at the community service event.


To appreciate your exceptional accomplishments

In appreciation of your commitment to excellence.

In appreciation of your pursuit of excellence.

In recognition of your unmatched loyalty, unparalleled dedication and outstanding service.

For your support, time commitment and inspiration in the company.

Employee of the month

For your exceptional performance.

In appreciation for your loyalty and the desire to fulfill the company goals.

For your dedicated leadership and outstanding performance.

In recognition of your leadership, teamwork and dedication

For your devotion and dedication to principles and ideals of the company.

Customer service appreciation

In recognition of your outstanding service to our clients.

For excellent service to our customers.

To appreciate your customer care service.

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