As a manager in an organization, you are bound to meet employees who you will want to thank. Whether it's after accepting an interview or their contribution to the firm, its worth. An employee appreciation letter not only shows appreciation but its act as a reinforcement encouraging the employee to keep up with such results. An appreciation letter, though it may be to an individual employee, it brings a positive impact in a workplace.

Steps of writing an Employee appreciation letter.

The primary purpose of an Employee appreciation letter is to recognize the achievements of the employee showing the impact they have in the organization. Thus when drafting Employee appreciation letter avoids general statement and focus on personal accomplishments. Here are some guidelines:

  • Be specific: as a manager and to make the employee feel appreciated, go straight to the point on how the employee contributed to the company and the results of his efforts.
  • Be sincere: an exaggeration of employees actions may demoralize the employees and can lead to more harm than the intended good. Avoid pretense and directly point only the actions of the employee.
  • Be prompt: write the letter to the employee as soon as the work is still fresh on the mind of the employee. It will show the employee that the action was dearly noted, and it is first in your mind.
  • Be concise: the letter should be precise, professional and polite and to the point. Don't write lengthy paragraphs.

How to format

The appreciation letter should be written in a formal style, more of a business arrangement with addresses. In the salutation mention the name of the employee to avoid generalization.

  • The first paragraph should be appreciation to the employee for their contribution.
  • The second paragraph should be the employee's contribution and the impact they had in the organization.
  • Lastly, thank the employee for the contribution and encourage him/her to keep up. A manager sign should follow.

A sample of Employee appreciation letter.

Dear David,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your numerous contribution on the DUNCAN project. On behalf of the entire staff, we are proud to have such an extraordinary and hardworking employee at my firm.

We highly appreciate the extra mile you went to meet the deadline and make the project a success. The time and effort you took to motivate the rest of the employees to lead to such heights in the result.

Again, thank you for the devotion to the project. All the best in your future projects.



Managing Director.

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