Discover sample and contents of an employee termination letter due to poor performance.

Sample employee termination letter due to poor performance

Every organization is focused on goal achievement. Your staff should show commitment to this ultimate business objective. How do you deal with poor performance? What if you have warned your employee for a considerable time? If the individual seems not to change, you may have to write them a termination letter.

Writing a termination letter for poor performance


At the top most section of the letter, you should include the address details of the company. It is equally important to reflect the letterhead of the company in this document. You should also address it to the employee, just as in any other formal letter.

Body of the letter

Before we delve deeper into the contents of the letter, it is crucial to understand that you should write the employee dismissal letter after holding a meeting on the issue, with the employee. Actually, the body of the letter documents the details that were outlined in the meeting.

In the first paragraph, you need to state the purpose of writing the letter. Why are you dismissing the employee? What clause of the company’s policy supports the decision? You may also include your efforts to assist the employee in improving their performance.

In the next paragraph, you can be specific about the reasons for the termination. For example, if the employee was a sales representative, you can point out about their failure to meet the set targets.

Next, outline the company’s commitment to providing benefits accrued by the employee until the time of their dismissal. If there are other company’s items that the employee is yet to return, you should include that in the letter. Assure the employee that they can rely on the company, if they ever need any documentation. The letter should be signed by the manager.

Employee termination letter due to poor performance sample

Mr. Martinez Roger,

Marketing Manager,

CMC Solutions,

United States

Mr. Roger,

We regretfully inform you that your employment has been terminated owing to your poor performance. It is the obligation of the committee to dismiss employees who perform poorly, for 6 months. Your name appeared in the chart.

For the last 8 months, we have assessed your performance. Unfortunately, we have not identified any improvement. In addition, we have noted that the company has not received any orders through your team. The company is committed to optimal goal achievement. To this effect, your services to our organization are being terminated. Any dues will be cleared within a month.

We would like you to know that we are grateful for all the services you rendered to the company for the 3 years you have been our employee.

Thank you


CEO, CMC Solutions

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