Learn how to write an employee 10-year anniversary letter and check out the sample.

Sample employee 10 year anniversary letter

For those employees who have remained with the company for more than five years and have contributed immensely to the performance of your organizations, it is important to appreciate them in a great way. However, you do not require going overboard while at it. For example, a simple but phenomenal anniversary letter can go a long way in making your employees to feel recognized and appreciated for their years of service. Below is a procedure on how to write an employee 10 year anniversary letter and a sample:

How to write a years-of-service letter

  1. Find a catchy headline. It is important for the letter to have a subject line. It will communicate the intention of your letter even before they read it.
  2. Congratulate the employees for the time they have worked in the company. It is important to mention the years of service. For example, in this case, you can congratulate your employees for having worked for 10 years in the company.
  3. Show the employee that you do not take it for granted that they have worked for that period in the organization. Let them understand that you view it as an achievement, which calls for a celebration.
  4. Then, get into details. Point out some of their contributions and the way they have facilitated the growth of the organization.
  5. Add a section where you invite them to choose an award of their choice. If you want to make your employees happy, you should allow them to select their awards.
  6. In conclusion, wish the employee more years of great achievements and request them to receive whatever gift you might have for them.

Sample of employee 10 year anniversary letter

Congratulations on Your 10 Years of Service

Dear Colleague:

Congratulations! This year signifies a key milestone in your service to [James and Sons Advocates).

For the 10 years, you have been an integral part of this company, and we owe our success largely to your outstanding dedication and commitment. We celebrate your achievements with you today.

As a way of recognizing your years of service to the company, I invite you to choose an item you like from the award selections list attached to this letter. I will be presenting the awards at the company’s upcoming Office Award Party.

Thank you for your evident contributions to the firm. You are indispensable and an asset to the team.


Jade Smith

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