The HR manager in an organization has the responsibilities to ensure that the organization policy and proper behavior is upheld at all times.  So when an employee misbehaves or goes against the company policy, the employer is expected to send a letter. An employee discipline template serves more than one purpose; first, it documents the employee behavior that goes against the firm policy. Second it may have the employee efforts to resolve the fault, and finally, it lay down to the employee the disciplinary action by the employer to the employee.  An employee discipline template can be a warning to the employee performance that documents when the employee performance starts to affect the business.

The employee writes up are not to be used all the time. First, as the manager you have to communicate with the employee and discuss his misconduct. Then if there is no improvement, then an employee write up should follow. Employee discipline template can be downloaded, or the company may customize one to meet their needs. Here is an example of employee training template with sample text to assist in your managerial roles.

Items of an employee discipline template

Name of the employee: XYXYXY

Date of the warning: M/D/YYYY

Name of the manager: WWW

Current assistant position: Copywriter and Editor


  • Breach of Company policy
  • Conduct
  • Attendance
  • Work quality
  • Work output
  • Performance
  • Workplace safeness
  • Others

Actions taken

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Termination
  • Suspension
  • Others

Detailed description of the infraction

Your writing skills are essential to the company. However, the inability to work when required is slowing the business productivity, and your job input is raising concern among your colleagues. You are often available for groups brainstorming's activities and hardly do you offer a helping hand to your fellow teammates. We have discussed this problem in your monthly review, and you promised to change.

This letter is the FINAL WARNING about this offense.


If you fail to comply with and rectify the mentioned crime, further action will be taken against you such as termination. For an appeal, you are required to draft a letter and submit within two days of receiving the letter

Employee declaration. 

I have read this letter and understood the consequences. My signature confirms that I agree with the warning letter of the offense referenced above.Employee signature


Supervisor signature


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