Great employees are the pillars of a successful business, but every company will tell agree that finding those good ones is a challenging task. Employee Referral Program is born out of the word of mouth that has proved to be a useful tool in locating these excellent employees. In employee referral program, employees recommend qualified relatives, colleagues or friends as suitable candidates for the open positions. Many recommendations lead to hiring and long term employment which is rewarding to the employee.

An email sample asking for referral

You can only write a referral email if your manager has made it known to you that they could do with a reference employee. If you have not heard from your manager or supervisor, refrain from giving unwanted advice.

Hastings Enterprises is Hiring!

Hi All,

We are happy to announce the open position of an assistant administrator for our Head office. Because you are most familiar with the kind of people we want in our great organization, we would value your intuition and referral for any of your qualified colleagues or family members who would fit in our working environment.
The job posting has already been put out with explicit instruction and can be accessed on our careers page on the companies website. In the case of any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you!
Minnie Miguel
Human Resource Manager

How to write a referral email to your company

A referral email should convince your manager that the employee you are sending his way is well capable of meeting the requirements. Your referral email should attract the employer to want to meet with the said individual. A few simple steps will help you write an attractive email, they are:

  • State clearly what position you are recommending to the employee.
  • Explain why you are giving them your recommendation highlighting the employee's talents and accomplishments related to the open position.
  • Showcase the employee's skills and strengths and how he integrates them into the workplace
  • Explain his abilities, those that comes at his initiative without having to wait to be pushed to do it. Give prime examples where applicable from his previous work experience.
  • Explain how his personality fits the workplace and how he exercises his work ethics with other people. Talk about his communication style and anything else that positively showcases his personality.

A simple, clear but detailed email is the easiest way to catch the attention of the manager and leave him looking forward to meeting the employee.

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