Onboarding is a critical process during the recruitment of new employees. While there is not a standard way of implementing the practice, new hire onboarding software can help a great deal. New hire software provides all that one needs to train and integrate new employees into the system. Here is a list of best software there are on the market.


Lesson.ly enables companies to arrange their information into step-to-step lessons which are easy to search, assign, measure and update. The developers of the software understand that new hires succeed only if they have access to the company's knowledge, policies, and best practices.


ClearCompany offers paperless onboarding process in addition to hiring and managing performance. Everything from delivery to the storage of onboarding documents is automated. This software leaves no room for errors since it pre-fills previously entered information and validate it for errors.

iCIMS Onboard 

This new hire software provides companies with a platform where they can recruit and onboard new hires. The recruitment software can source, screen and hire the best talent in the market while the onboarding software uses electronic forms, provides new hires with resources that have been personalized and features automated timers.


The platform not only eliminates paperwork, it also streamlines the process of hiring, onboarding and managing employees' records. It manages insurance online, ensures compliance with Affordable Care Act, and streamlines time and attendance among other HR benefits.


The software provides a centralized place to store all information pertaining to the new employees such paperwork and communications. It has built-in functions that allows for online job creation, pre-screening applicants, using social media to recruit and ability to post jobs to major job boards


This new hire onboarding software enables companies to manage talents by offering tools for handling workforce. It aims to maximize the efficiency of the employees and to streamline business operations. The onboarding software helps to manage paperwork of new hires, provisioning of tasks as well as portals for new hires. EMP-TRUST HR also features E-verify software and electronic form 1-9. All these make new hire management bliss and make it easy for the company to comply with regulations while managing workforce to improve productivity and processes while reducing costs.

AcquireTM Talent Management 

This new hire software accords new employees the materials and the resources they need to become productive. It manages onboarding tasks of new hires as well as documents and forms. It is automated and easy to follow, making the process even more fruitful. The platform can also be used for background screening and applicant tracking that simplifies the hiring process.

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