Check out these team building activities to increase engagement level and provide a friendly working condition.

Top 27 Employee engagement group activities

Whatever the role of the industry is, maintaining the employee engaged motivated and innovative should be the priority of any manager. Unengaged employees are not only unproductive but can damage the image of the firm. The damage can be inside and outside damage. However, engaging the staffs will make the feel appreciated and motivate them more to stay in the company. Engaged employees are more active hence resulting in high productivity.

Engaging employees is achievable in different ways. Employee engagement group activities are one way to ensure that the staffs not only strive to do a job but makes sure they exceed the expectations. Here are some engagement activities for group activities that will create a rather productive and innovative environment.


  • Gamification-have a team game where a team competes with another this strengthen the bond existing between employees
  • Volunteering-activities such as charity events
  • Dinner- have a group dinner and talk about issues facing the team
  • Learning- offer a learning opportunity for the team
  • Motivation-bring in a mentor to motivate the team
  • Goals- set and assist in personal goals.


  • Tour time-travelling activities
  • Party-Have a group’s party and mingle with each other
  • Night out-Have a drink night out and chat with each other
  • Birthdays-Celebrate a birthday for a member of a group
  • Music-Dance all night to music chosen by the group


  • Clubs-Let, the group, participate in various clubs and enhance their abilities
  • Outsourcing-Let, each group, outsource materials from other groups to gain knowledge
  • Discussions-Hold regular forums
  • Training- seminars, webinars and tutorials training.
  • Workshop- have a workshop day for your teams.


  • Collaboration-have a fun social day where employees can interact.
  • Orientation- Let the new member of the group know the people in the whole group
  • Brainstorming-Encourage brainstorming where everyone in the group participates
  • Feedback-Enhance feedback from every member of the group
  • Integration-Be involved with the society and offer services to the society

Group involvement

  • Decisions- have team participate in decision-making
  • Value-Let them know the inside information of the organization like the challenges facing the organization
  • Work schedules-Let the team monitor and create their job schedules
  • Supervision-Reduce the supervision and entrust them with more responsibilities
  • Planning-Involve them in an event planning process of the organization
  • Goal– encourage teams to have objectives.

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