Discover the contents and sample of an employee 90-day probation form for your employees.

Employee 90 day probation form sample

In most cases, new employees go through a probationary period of three months before they are hired. During this time, the employee is required to learn about the job, meet the expected job performance and be familiar with how his or her role applies to the company. The management also wants to be sure that they hired the right candidate for the job. After the probation, the employee can either become regular staff or be terminated.

However, before any of that happens, there is a need to perform a 90-day evaluation to assess how the employee has performed, which will determine if the employee on probation stays or leaves. While companies can have different variations of the probation form, below is content and sample form.

Contents in an employee 90-day probation form

Employee details. The employee name, title, department, and supervisor appears here. It can also have the date the employee was hired and the date the probationary period ends.

Rating scale. The employee performance on various competencies is rated to determine if they did well on the probation or not. While some companies may use a yes or no on whether an employee has met certain performance criteria, others use a rating scale such as the 5 point rating scale.

Competent being evaluated. This is where various skills that the employee on probation is evaluated. An employee needs to perform well in order to be considered for regular employment, failure to which they are terminated or probation period extended. Some of the competencies evaluated include performance, dependability, attendance, professionalism and punctuality.

Action taken section. Here, the supervisor indicates the action taken on employee based on their performance. This can be a continuation of employment or termination.

Signature. This section should have the signature of employee and supervisor including the dates signed.

Sample 90 day probation form

Employee name




Probation period

Rating scale

5 – Exceeds expectations consistently

4 – Exceeds expectation frequently

3 – Meets expectations

2 – Needs improvement

1 – Unsatisfactory – Does not meet expectations

Competent evaluated



Attendance: Employee reports to work on time and adheres to schedule.



Communication: employee provides clear and concise communication both verbal and oral.



Interpersonal Relations: Employee has professional and respectful interactions with colleagues and management.



Job performance: Employee produces accurate, thorough and neat work with little or no supervision.



Action taken

Completed probation satisfactorily: Meets all job expectations.

Extension of probation. Needs to improve on some skills.

Termination. Does not meet job expectations.

Supervisor signature/Date

Employee signature/Date

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