Employee Performance Reviews are the best way to conduct regular checks on the employees' contribution to the business. It is a healthy way to advice or appreciates all types of employees in the organization without making some feel less useful. The employee performance review also helps the company know how far they have grown regarding goals achieved.

Areas of consideration in an Employee Performance

  • Employee Name, Job Title, Review Period and Reviewer- This is not an area for reconsideration, but these are important details that should always appear at the head of the performance review sheet to show whose review this is.
  • Job Knowledge – This is not only for the newbies who have recently joined but for all employees. This field shows you how well do the employee understand the task given, how well they keep themselves updated to learn their area of expertise, how well they handle the tasks without supervision etc.
  • Quality - What is the quality of the work produced? Is the employee trying to improve what he delivers? Is he committed to excellence? Is he accepting the feedback given and applying it to make his work better?
  • Innovation –Is the employee resourceful when faced with challenges or does he wait for someone else to guide him? Does the employee think outside the box and is innovative in his approaches and ideas?
  • Problem solving – Is the employee good at developing alternate solutions when faced with a problem. Is he able to resolve problems before they grow into more challenging issues? Is he able to identify arising problems and address them quickly?
  • Teamwork – Is your employee a good team player? Does he contribute his very best to the team? Is he a positive team member contributing to the success of his group/department?
    Planning and organization – Is he good in time management? Does he plan and prioritize what is urgent? Is there ability to integrate any new change that rises immediately into his schedule?Is he setting realistic goals?
  • Summary – Summarize with your views on the employee's progress highlighting what his performance looks like.
  • Improvement areas – Highlight areas that require immediate attention. Create a team identity so that they have people to back them up and help them become better in the areas of concern.Ensure that the terms you use are friendly and are not attacking the employee personally.
  • Closing – The employee is to put an official sign and date to acknowledge receipt and understanding of what is required of them.

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