Master our HR interviews question listed with interpreted answers to assist you answer most question asked by HR.

10 Common HR Interview Questions and Answers

Landing an HR job remains a dream for many students and professionals alike. HR involves taking care of the organization’s workforce and therefore interviews for such positions are very competitive. Preparing for these interviews enhances your confidence, and you’ll be more comfortable answering the interview questions.

These HR interview questions and answers will guide you on what to expect on your interview day and how best to respond the questions and land your desired job.

Technical skills and job knowledge.

As a manager, what is your ideal team?

  • HR involves analyzing people's characteristics and forming up groups. Individuals with excellent communication and teamwork should create your list. However, avoid describing who you cannot work with.

Have you ever fired anyone? How would you go about shooting a colleague?

  • Show the panel that you understand the protocol for firing staff after warning letters.

 If you were hiring for a position such as yours, which skills would you look for?

  • The panel wants to know whether you understand core competencies and qualities that are necessary for any job. Discuss skills that you are good at, e.g., communication and performing under pressure.

General job interview questions

What are your salary expectations?

  • The employer wants to know whether you know about the position and its salary range. Avoid quoting a fixed figure, instead give a range.

What do you know about our organization?

  • Show the employer that you have done your research. Give any current mentions of the organization in the news or the key figures.

Do you have any questions for us?

  • This is your chance to know about the position you are filling. Ask if tits a new place or why the previous employee was fired. Avoid asking too many questions.

Personality questions

What do you like doing in your spare time?

  • Describe some of your hobbies that either involves community work or any that make you a better employee, e.g. keeping fit

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Describe a few strengths that will be of direct importance to your role, e.g., A good communicator, honesty and other virtues that are desirable in HR.
  • Give one of your weakness but avoid negative attributes.

What is your greatest accomplishment outside school and work?

  • Share an achievement and describe how much you pride yourself on it, e.g., finishing a marathon, raising your kids, etc.

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