Learn about the management skills that nurses need to posses for effective execution of duties.

4 crucial management skills in nursing

Nursing is a very demanding and vital profession as in entails managing patients and also managing other different roles within the hospital set up.  A nurse who is in a managerial position will be required to manage and coordinate other nurses’ work to ensure that they provide safe and high-quality patient care. Therefore, a good nurse manager should have these four crucial management skills that include communication skills, leadership skills, delegation and problem-solving skills.

Communication skills

It is imperative that a nurse manager should possess excellent communication skills. He or she will be in constant communication with fellow nurses and patients at some point. A nurse manager who is a good communicator will be in a better position to clearly explain his or her vision and objectives to the team of nurses he or she is managing. With strong communication skills, long lasting relationships are built, and the workplace becomes enjoyable and favorable.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are a must for any current or aspiring nursing manager. A good leader is one who empowers, motivates leads and guides his or her team so that the goals and objectives that have been laid down are met. A nurse manager should be better placed to know the strengths and weakness of his or her team members as this will help delegate tasks accordingly ensuring that the work is done correctly. Poor leadership skills will bring out insubordination, conflicts, improper work being done and unprofessionalism in the work area.


Being a nurse manager, it will mean you will have lots of workload on your plate, and all must be done. With delegation, the nurse manager can ensure the workload is shared, and duties are performed and that all people in the team have taken part. The delegation of duties ensures that deadlines are met and that resources are used in a proper manner. With delegation, it means that the nurse manager trusts his or her team members to do the job and to do it right. This makes the team members highly motivated to perform their duties diligently and with professionalism.

Problem solving

As a nurse manager, one will face numerous problems in the line of duty and all these needs to be sorted out as they arise. This makes it imperative for nurse managers to develop their problem-solving skills. The managers should identify problems that arise, study the issues keenly and then come up with proper solutions. This makes processes at the medical facilities to run smoothly.

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