Find out the essential skills that a security guard should have to effectively execute duties.

4 essential security guard skills

Security guards are entrusted to keep people and properties safe both during the day and night. They do this with so much determination and great zeal. They work tirelessly regardless of the weather to ensure no one trespasses. They are the ones who ensure that there is order and that visitors are ushered and guided on where to go.

They monitor any suspicious or unwarranted activities that may be a security concern. They are responsible for identifying these concerns and addressing them accordingly. To do this demanding job, one needs to possess several key skills that will help him or her to deliver the right results and perform at their best. A security guard should have the following skills, problem-solving skill, communication skills, decision-making skill and social perspective.

Problem-solving skill

It is one of the skills a security guard should possess. You should be in a good position to identify security concerns, analyze them accordingly and then come up with tangible solutions. You should also be able to solve arising problems on other issues such as in dealing with irate visitors who cause trouble during their respective visits.

Communication skill

As a security guard, you will be in constant communication with people and one must learn to communicate effectively. You should talk in a polite, clear and understandable manner. Ensure to check on your tone and gestures at all times when dealing with people. Visitors who come should not find it hard to understand what you are trying to say. Be audible, clear and straight to the point.

Decision making skill

You will be required to make a decision at various times during your working time. Some will be difficult while others will just be too easy to handle. You need to be firm and take responsibility for all decisions you will make. Ensure to always make a decision after you have thoroughly analyzed the situation. Bad decisions can lead to very costly security blunders. You should always consider all factors before making the decision.

Social Perceptiveness

You will deal with lots of people from different backgrounds. Some will be easy to manage, while some will just be hard. You need to understand that people are different and that how you will handle one person will not be the same how you will handle the next person. So it is important to learn about people and to understand their perspective. This will ensure you minimize less friction.

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