Personal Accountability: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Personal Accountability is the feeling that you are entirely responsible for your actions and consequences taking ownership without blaming others.

Personal Accountability: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Takes responsibility for seeing efforts through to making tough decisions or completing tasks and projects
  • Supports and helps other employees in their work in order to contribute to the overall success of the company
  • Presents oneself as a credible representative of the company and demonstrates a commitment to delivering on one's duties
  • Demonstrates clear understanding of the overall company- its goals, function, competition, purpose, etc.- that increase one's interest and commitment
  • Looks beyond the requirements of one's own job description to offer suggestions for problem-solving and improvement of overall company operations
  • Takes personal ownership in the company's success and accepts full responsibility for oneself and contribution as a team member
  • Consistently delivers on commitments in good time and meets commitments to others
  • Always presents oneself in a way that is consistent with the good image the company wants to portray to the public
  • Commits oneself to the company goals and finds ways to get the team members more involved towards accomplishing the company's objectives
  • Takes own responsibilities seriously and consistently meets the company's expectations for professionalism, service, and quality

Personal Accountability: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Takes ownership of personal or team performance and helps team members to achieve their goals or improve their performance
  • Does not dismiss the importance of one's own responsibilities in the company, and the connection between one's job and customers' perception
  • Holds oneself and others accountable for making principled decisions and addresses unethical and unsatisfactory behavior head on
  • Always presents a competent, calm and professional image to customers and other company's employees
  • Exceeds one's commitment to others by frequently setting realistic team goals and projects before deadline
  • Lives the company's values and consistently maintains one's ethical principles even in the most challenging situations
  • Generates enthusiasm among the team members for accomplishing common goals that elevates the team and ensures the company success
  • Presents oneself as a polished employee who exemplifies credibility and success and inspires other employees to be more professional
  • Admits misjudgments mistakes and errors and informs others when one is not able to meet a commitment
  • Gets to work on time every day and completes all the assigned tasks on time with minimal supervision

Personal Accountability: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not fulfill commitments made to other employees, supervisors, peers and customers
  • Does not make personal sacrifices like getting to work early or leaving late to complete a task or to handle challenging schedules, goals, and budgets
  • Does not acknowledge responsibility for failures and mistakes and always blames others when things don't turn out as expected
  • Does not create own processes and timelines for getting things done thus keeps on missing deadlines
  • Does not express concern for doing things better or producing quality work
  • Meets company's goals but does not help other employees to do the same to improve the company's productivity
  • Lacks confidentiality thus is not entrusted with sensitive information either by the manager or other employees
  • Does not observe punctuality; always gets to work late and misses important meetings and appointments with team members and clients
  • Lacks clear vision of where the company is headed and the goals that need to be accomplished
  • Pretends to know everything and does not let other employees know when one does not know how to go about doing something

Personal Accountability: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Can you describe a time when you were asked to handle a tough problem which challenged your personal accountability? What was the outcome?
  • Give an example of a time when despite carefully planning, things did not turn out as expected or went out of hand. What did you do?
  • Describe an occasion when you chose not to complete a task, for whatever reason. What happened?
  • Can you describe a day when your supervisor was absent, and you had to make tough decisions? What are some of the decisions you made?
  • What steps have you taken to improve your effectiveness in the company, workgroup and your career?
  • What are some of the special responsibilities and assignments you have been given in the past that are not part of your routine?
  • Describe a time you reacted to pressure situations or short deadlines. How did you do it?
  • Can you think of a time when you have motivated yourself to finish unpleasant tasks? What steps did you take?
  • Would you rather design procedures and plans or implement/manage them? Why?
  • Describe a time when you had to admit to your supervisor that you had made a mistake. What happened?

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