Recognizing the efforts of your employees is a great way of keeping them motivated and focused on the organization's goals. However, it is important to employ the best employee recognition ideas to pass the intended message.

Gifts provide a pleasant way to recognize and appreciate the efforts employees apply in the success of the organizations. That special gift could be what an employee needs to motivate him or her to work harder and better, not to mention being engaged. If you are looking for a way to appreciate your best staff members using gifts, here is an employee recognition gifts catalog you will find useful.

Company based apparel

Other than being excellent as gifts, the apparel is also a form of advertising the business.

  • A cap with the company's name printed on it.
  • A company t-shirt of the company that they can wear on weekends or dress down days such as Friday.
  • A set of designer suits to add to the office wardrobe collection.
  • Jackets with the company's logo printed on the back or front.
  • A designer tie.

Office decorating ideas

You can help decorate an office or the desk with these gifts while at the same time appreciating an employee's efforts.

  • Pencil porcupine. This can keep your employees' desk neat as it holds pens and pencils while at the same time making it look attractive.
  • Little greenery. A piece of decorative greenery can motivate your best employee. A good example is a bonsai that can lighten the office and bring nature closer.
  • Word stone tablets. These are set of stones with recognition words engraved on them. It will look great when placed on an employee's desk.
  • Desk clock. A clock on the employees' desk can encourage them always to keep time.
  • Wallpaper. This can include the top performer's picture and word of appreciation signed by the organization.

Take home gifts

How about a gift that an employee can take home and show it or share with family and friends.

  • A book. A great read can motivate your best employee even more. Choose a book on the subject that employee enjoys or one that can help in personal development.
  • Body and bath gifts. This is a good gift preferably for a lady employee.
  • A bottle of fine wine. It will enable them to celebrate their achievement with friends and family.
  • A bouquet of blooming flowers to take home.
  • A colorful scarf. The company can add some words of recognition on the scarf.

Monetary gifts

Use cash or its equivalents to recognize work well done.

  • A gift card. This can be from a local restaurant they love or for shopping at a departmental store or supermarket.
  • Bonus. To make it more appealing, you can give a bonus that is not subject to standard deductions.
  • Company credit card. You can give this to managerial top performers.
  • Free gas refueling for a month or a year.

Holiday gifts

There is a wide choice of gifts for employees during the holidays.

  • A Christmas card with appreciation words from the company.
  • Continual entertainment. A music-streaming device will offer the employee and family endless entertainment.
  • Wrapped gifts. These can include but not limited to candy, chocolates, fruit arrangement, jewelry and many others.
  • Vacation. Paid holiday package at an attractive destination.
  • Spa treatment services that go throughout the holiday.

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