Find out the meaning and examples of analytical skills and their importance to employees for problem-solving

What are analytical skills and their examples?

To solve a problem, you should weigh various options and choose the solution that is the best fit. This is made possible by using your analytical skills. Therefore, analytical skill implies being able to gather, visualize and examine the available information and using it to make a sensible decision while solving complex problems. The skills also enable you to see a problem from different viewpoints.

Analytical skills are vital in the business world considering that companies encounter various challenges that need employees with strong analytical skills to provide solutions. The skills are useful in data analysis, problem-solving, attention to detail and strategic thinking, all aimed at smooth running of business. That is why most employers seek for employees with analytical skills.

Below are examples of analytical skills useful in a business environment.

Analytical skills examples

Analytical skills in collecting information

Gathering the right information is needed when solving a problem. While collecting any information may be easy, making sure that the information is the right one needs you to have strong analytical skills. This requires evaluating various sources and determining the most suitable ones.

Qualitative analysis

Analytical skills are needed in qualitative analysis, where abstract concepts are used in solving a problem. For instance, solving crimes requires analyzing evidence some of which may not be so obvious. In business, qualitative analysis is used in analyzing the stock of a public company based on its management, its competitive advantage, business model and corporate governance, all which are not quantifiable.

Quantitative analytical skills

The analytical skills are based on data or numbers where patterns are detected in numbers. For instance, quantitative analysis can be done on the company’s profits to identify profitable and unprofitable areas. This calls for numeracy skills to enable you to understand, analyze and interpret the information to make the right decisions.

Problem-solving skills

Businesses are faced with various problems. Finding the right solutions requires you to have strong analytical skills. The same case applies to problem handling where a particular problem is identified and resolved before it becomes a major challenge.

Strategic thinking

A company will have goals to be met. Strategic thinking focuses on these goals and creates plans on how they should be achieved. Also, most situations in the organization require plans for resolving them to be put in place. Strategic thinking requires the use of analytical skills in determining what is to be achieved, analyzing the situation and developing action plans.

Attention to details

One of the products of having strong analytical skills is attention to details. With this skill, you can analyze a situation and be able to see hidden connections and details.

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