Try out our employee appreciation lunch ideas to make your gratitude efforts count.

Employee appreciation lunch. 23 novel ideas

It is important in every business setting to show appreciation to your employees. They are the reason why your business is flourishing. Appreciating the employees will increase productivity within the firm by boosting the morale of the worker.

You can recognize the employees by saying thank you for using a lunch. During the dinner activities, you can feature in food and also include some of the activities the employee love. This will not only boost the employee morale but will make them feel appreciated by the company. Incorporate employee appreciation lunch ideas that will make the employee enjoy and at the same time not neglect their responsibilities. If you are looking for unique ways to express your gratitude, try this employee appreciation lunch ideas.

Food ideas

  • Cater For employee lunch.
  • Provide snacks and drinks during the lunch hour.
  • Italian or Chinese food theme
  • Encourage the employee to carry packed lunch.
  • Provide each employee with his/her favorite dessert.
  • Invite employees’ family for an organization lunch.

Team ideas

  • Plan for company picnic during lunch hour.
  • Prolong the lunch break hour
  • Take employee to the favorite hotel in town
  • Let the employee vote for the food they want to have for lunch
  • Hold a luncheon meeting and discuss staff affairs.
  • Share the same table during lunch hour.

Decoration ideas

  • Decorate the room with fall or autumn themes.
  • Fill the room with goodie bags. It will work.
  • Let the staff wear cooking costumes and serve the workers.
  • Play soft music during the lunch break
  • Provide fruits during the lunch break.
  • Make the lunch hour a happy hour by providing cocktail.

Lunch activities

  • Encourage brainstorming during the lunch breaks.
  • Support games during after dinners such as Sudoku and puzzles.
  • Take the opportunity and thank the employee for being committed to the company.
  • Give a toast to the best performing employee during the lunch hour.
  • Organise short fundraisings event at the lunch break for charity.

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