Listening Skills: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Listening Skills are a practical ability to accurately receive and interpret messages you receive during the communication process to ensure flow and accuracy are maintained.

Listening Skills: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Maintain a calm and composed attitude when someone is venting negative feelings and emotions
  • Practice on a regular basis to improve the listening skill abilities.
  • Restate instructions and messages to ensure that they are well understood.
  • Learn only to listen and pick out the most important things from the conversation.
  • Show willingness to listen to other people's views even when they are not good.
  • Take notes on the important aspect of the conversation if necessary.
  • Learn to give constructive feedback when called upon to do so
  • Give other people ample time to talk before contributing again.
  • Always strive to ask and raise relevant questions and issues respectively during a conversation
  • Listen with the aim of understanding rather than the intent of replying.

Listening Skills: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Look at the audience and maintain a clear eye contact.
  • Don't interrupt others as they speak or impose your solutions.
  • Maintain an open mind towards life and listen to others without judging or criticizing them
  • Allow the speaker to pause for you to ask questions
  • Ask questions to help you understand what the speaker is saying.

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