Employees play an important part to make your business success. The employees are expected to do more with fewer resources, and they require appreciation and feedback on their contribution. However, some lengthy employee services are worth recognizing. Whether it is anniversaries or retirement celebration, employee years of service gifts are a way of recognizing the employees' contribution to the company. On the milestone day, the organization should gift their employees so as to commemorate the day. In some cases, most of the employees opt to choose from various awards. Here are the top most ideas to celebrate the years of service:

Congratulation Gifts

  • Faceprint- image appears on the cover page.
  • Shout outs- meeting recognition.
  • Celebration- gifts and cards at the workplace.
  • Email credit- letter of achievement 
  • Promotions- give a more respectable position.  
  • Training- seminars and conferences to develop personal goals.
  • Lunch party- celebrate and interact with the employee.
  • Group love-share the employee story.

Personal rewards idea gifts.

  • Cake- a favorite flavor of the employee.
  • Flowers- a sign of appreciation.
  • Vacation- paid family leave.
  • Certificates- indicating their profession and year in service.
  • Vouchers- shopping vouchers.
  • Banners- companies or logo banners
  • Card- well wishes gifts card to the employee, business cards holder

Classical gifts ideas

  • Groups greeting card- honored by all employees.
  • Celebration – celebrate anniversaries and milestones parties.
  • Traditions –give license templates to the employee after a couple of years.
  • Flexibility- work at their own time.
  • Company car- reduces transport cost.
  • Video creation- Describing job success and all achievements.
  • Certificate of appreciation- to the best employees
  • Plaque- to the top achieving employees annually.
  • Publicity display-billboards
  • Publicity display-billboards
  • Trophy-  to mark the best employee anniversary year.
  • Responsibilities- reduce or add more responsibilities.
  • Kitchen appliances- coffee maker or a toaster in the office.
  • Charity contribution- organize the employees to pioneer a charity event
  • Jewelry- to ladies best employees.

Inexpensive gifts

  • Off day- pass a half/ full off day for personal use.
  • Note- a thank you note or direct appreciation.
  • Time- come late or leave early.
  • Lunch invites- in their favorite hotel.
  • Public recognition- meetings, forums, company magazines.
  • Wall image-with achievement record.
  • Hall of fame- a spot in the business halls of fame.


  • Playday- a sign of appreciation for their hard work.
  • Movie ticket- for his favorite movie
  • Concert tickets- favorite artist tickets.
  • Novels-employee who fancy reading.
  • Travel- a day to visit places of his/her choice.
  • Contest- a friendly contest to let the employee have fun.
  • Golf day- a game day will do.

Electronic gadgets

  • Laptop- for both personal and work uses.
  • Watch-token for time management.
  • Flat screen- to enjoy during breaks and lunch
  • High-tech phones- high achieving employees



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