The simple words we say to our employees matter a lot. They may build or destroy who they are and who they will become. Getting into the habit of recognizing your employees motivates and builds their self-confidence. Employee recognition notes are simple notes that contain magical words that light up an employee's day. They may be few words but very meaningful to your staff.

Examples of Employee Recognition notes

  • I admire your resilience; you have stood the test of time by persevering through many dark days in our company. Thank you for standing with us.
  • I value your support to the newbies. You were always the first to train them on the basics.
  • I celebrate your ability to share enthusiasm in the workplace lighting up the entire place.
  • Thank you for being very open in your communication with everyone in the office.
  • I appreciate your good attitude and your respect towards everyone even the junior staff.
  • I appreciate the decisions you make that have kept the company going strong.
  • Thank you for helping keep order and peace in the office.
  • Thank you for being the most flexible employee in your department.
  • Thanks for handling the most demanding clients well and peacefully.
  • The customers are always delighted to find you serving them, thank you for being their favorite.
  • I honor you for your initiatives that always lead to advancing the company.
  • I appreciate your confidence in asking relevant questions.
  • I value your in-depth knowledge of the company and your position and the steps you take in enlightening others.
  • You are the best in meeting any deadline without being followed up.
  • Thank you for transferring and safekeeping all the data securely without leaking any information out.
  • I am grateful you were the team leader. Our team building event would not have had such significant effects were it not for you, thanks.
  • Your solution to the Payroll problems was excellent. Thank you for being creative.
  • Thank you for being overly supportive of your team, you delivered beyond expectations.
  • Your co-operation to work with the new employees stood out among many employees, thank you.
  • Thank you for not being choosy - whether the task is small or big, you handle it with the same great attitude.
  • You blew our minds away with the presentation you did, wow! Keep it up!
  • Thank you for always being on time every day without fail.
  • You step in for someone else's position and handle it like your very own, thanks.

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