Employers who continuously evaluate the employees at the workplace reap tremendous benefits. Assessing the performance of the employees will help the employees know their expectation, and identifies employees achievements and reward them. As a manager, when evaluating the employees' performance, there are some areas of competence and statements that are well applicable. Here are examples of employee evaluation statement you should consider.


  • Respond to the job instruction and guidelines.
  • Meets deadline and schedules.
  • Require minimal or no supervision at all.
  • The employee does not ask too many questions on the task given.
  • 100 % reliable client.
  • Always fruitful and timely in his projects.

Communication strategies

  • Report are well accurate and in the correct grammar.
  • Fellow employees are comfortable when approaching him/her with work related question.
  • Excellent in oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate good listening and comprehension skills.
  • Use the right channels to communicate his query.

Organization skills at the workplace.

  • Prioritize and organize all the work
  • He operates in an organized manner.
  • Set clear and straightforward goals
  • Time useful in implementing ideas
  • Integrates new training at the workplace.

Group and teamwork

  • Able to balance between personal work and team responsibilities
  • The employee has a positive contribution to team engagement.
  • Demonstrate openness and objectiveness to other people views.
  • Employee Put the interest of the team above his personal gains.
  • Always compliment the fellow teammates' suggestion.

Commitment to institution goals.

  • Work with the supervisor and co-workers to meet the aims of the firm
  • Follow the chain of command
  • Implement changes that will have positive change towards the company.
  • Accept unpleasant assignments
  • Cautious and all direct time to meet the business objectives.

Leadership abilities

  • Able to make a level business decision without any supervision.
  • He Creates a proactive environment at the workplace.
  • The employee has knowledge about the firm policies and procedures.
  • Able to manage co-workers and delegate work
  • Manage projects in the absence of direct supervision of the HR.

Workplace cooperation

  • Establish and maintains effective relations at the workplace.
  • Very cooperative in group assignment and projects.
  • Display positive altitude in all manners.
  • Very proactive and avoids conflict
  • Offer assistance to staffs and co-workers

Personal qualities

  • Has an even temperament
  • Avoid conflicts and work to the standards.
  • Very efficient and works well under pressure
  • Stay calm under stressful work environment.
  • Handle stress well.


  • Very open to new ideas.
  • Set creative priorities and adjust them when needed.
  • Perfectly adapt to any changes.
  • Develop new strategies and ideas to tackle a project.
  • Not at all bothered by ambiguity.
  • The employee is Systematic in his work and successfully get the job done.

Decision-making skills

  • Display accurate and sound judgment.
  • Exhibits excellent analytic skills when making a decision.
  • Display willingness to make a decision.
  • Make a timely and efficient decision.
  • Offers workable solutions.
  • Zero on the cause of the problem and provides a viable solution.

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