As a manager, you are mandated to review the performance of your employees. However, you need to do it right. A choice of good employee performance comments can help you to evaluate your employees without appearing inconsiderate. One aspect of employee performance looks at the customer satisfaction. Employees should portray excellent customer service skills so that they can relate well with clients for the success of the business.

When you are evaluating employees, which phrases can you use to evaluate your employees’ customer service skills? Below is a list of examples.

Provision and reception of feedback

  • Julius is able to offer timely feedback even to the most difficult clients.
  • Nellius is always ready to receive customers’ feedback both verbal and written.
  • John regularly answers the phone with a smile and an inviting “Hello.”
  • Stacy answers all the questions that customers might have without hesitance.
  • June needs to work on her phone courtesy. She does not pick calls quickly.

Relation with clients/customers

  • Janet regularly receives multiple approvals and authorizations.
  • Henry deals with all types of customers without being aggressive.
  • Jude is a focused listener. Most customers love dealing with him.
  • Mary has a good rapport with everyone she meets.
  • Jude works well with clients and his colleagues.

Conducting follow-up

  • Henry always performs a follow-up of his clients.
  • George follows up with his customers to ensure that they do not feel forgotten.
  • After every client meeting, Jane carries out a follow-up. This has earned her a large base of customers.
  • Nelly has lost many leads because of not following them up.
  • Mark always sends an email, or a makes a phone call, after meeting a new client.

Assisting customers

  • Greg is good at recognizing “out-of-the-box” solutions for those clients who have special needs.
  • Philip is able to tailor the customer service process to meet the individual needs of his customers.
  • Helen does not hesitate to seek help from the management team when dealing with clients.
  • Mary effortlessly deals with all customer issues but the most difficult ones.
  • Most clients love to be served by James since he is always welcoming.

Building trust with clients

  • Nelly is skillful in handling customer objections. She can sell to even the most demanding customers.
  • Miriam has nurtured a loyal pool of customers, hence, encouraging repeat business.
  • Drake can overcome client objections in a conversational and logical manner.
  • David does not portray professionalism when dealing with customers. Therefore, he ends up losing clients.
  • Marion needs to work on her customer relation skills. Customers do not feel free to work with her.

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